Beyond Hearing Voices

Tanya Tkach

Discover how hearing voices can help you on your spiritual journey.

I experienced my wake-up call later in life during a dark period. It was by  hearing the voices of my loved ones from the other side who encouraged me to use my special gift in helping others. 

This website is the result of this process, where I use my gift of hearing voices along with my training and experience, and my own cleansing process in helping others as a mental health and spiritual counselor. 

The articles in Beyond Hearing Voices, were developed through my spiritual development in the ascension process. By practicing healing meditations, and daily cleansing of your mind and body, you too, will experience spiritual growth.

You will discover and understand your symptoms by reading ascension symptoms. The ascension process is ongoing to you and others as Mother Earth goes through her cleansing process.

My spiritual growth started when I finally accepted my ability of hearing voices.  I learned what I needed to do from my spiritual guides who insisted that I meditate and do spiritual cleansing daily which has helped me to develop my releasing technique which I call Cellular Memory Release in helping others with their healing which includes healing chronic pain, illness, and behavioral problems such as panic attacks and stress and anxiety disorders.

I was born with the ability of hearing voices which frightened my mother  when I spoke continuously to 'my friends' as I called them. This ability   could have developed into a mental illness stigma, but my mother forbade me from talking to others about this spiritual gift.

Questioning Your Existence?

If you are searching for answers and questioning your own existence, you will find help through spiritual chat where you can ask me a question and read about others' experiences.

For those who are struggling with their own fears regarding hearing spirit voices, you will discover how I overcame my emotions as I coped with recent deaths in my spiritual journal.

Through spiritual gifts, I found my way back, once again, to communicating with God.

Besides having conversations with God, and Archangel Michael, I am also able to communicate with angels, and other spirits. With this gift, I help others by giving them messages.

You can ask me for spiritual messages, healing sessions and other information  through my contact link.

Spiritual Growth and Healing By Hearing Voices

Beyond Hearing Voices offers you the benefit of my spiritual growth and healing through all the spiritual health articles that you can find here.

There is information to help you with all aspects of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

By reading articles on healing meditation such as benefits of meditation, you will discover how to quiet your mind to enable you to receive answers such as who are your karmic soul mates and your life's lessons.

You will also learn techniques in using a pendulum which is a spiritual tool in finding answers to all your questions.

I am available at any time within a 48 hour notice for online spiritual counseling where you will learn how to do my method of releasing toxic emotions such as anger, and how to protect yourself from psychic attack at spiritual protection.

We are all here on earth to learn our life's lessons; when you discover past lives, you will learn your meaning of karma which is revealed through your soul family and soul mates.

Often times, in order to understand what you are experiencing in your present life, by remembering past lives you will see how the emotions that you are still carrying from past lives can be triggered in this life time. Go to discover past lives to understand this process.

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If you have not found what you are looking for, you will be able to search for spiritual information on all the spiritual web sites including this one while you remain on this site.

Clairaudience is a wonderful gift. If you are fortunate to have this ability, I wish you an exciting journey on your spiritual path of discovering yourself!

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