Beyond Hearing Voices

Hearing voices has helped me to realize my full potential during my spiritual journey, and it also led me to use my gift to help others globally which is one of the reasons for building this website.

My Story

I experienced my wake-up call later in life during a dark period while I was mourning the loss of my loved ones, I wanted to join them. But, I was told that my journey was not yet over, that I had much more to do for myself and to help others.

Hearing the voices of my loved ones helped me to heal.

During that time, they encouraged me to use my special ability of hearing voices to help others. It was shocking to hear their messages since I had run from the voices for most of my life.  In fact, it was my mother, who discouraged me as a child from using this ability, but she was especially vocal from the other side.

It was my loving, first spiritual guide, Matoowah, who encouraged me to edit my conversations into a book format.

This was difficult for me to accept and it took amazing encouragement from Mattowah for me to write my book because I didn't want to admit to everyone that I heard voices.

I include some of our conversations, and those with my mother, sister and partner in my book, That Damn voice Again, Communications from Beyond.

If you would like to read a sample chapter from my book, you can download it at the top of the Nav Bar.

Throughout my life, even though there were periods where I was an intrepreneur, I've always had the desire to help others, and in 2000 I returned to the field of Mental Health.

My dream was to continue in that field, get a PhD specializing is P.T.S.D and work in Massachusetts, until I lost everyone who was important to me, then suddenly it was no longer important...nothing was.

I finally discovered what love is by losing the most important people in my life.

I had to give myself permission to move forward, and I had to accept and allow the information to come through by my ability of hearing voices in order to help others.

In Beyond Hearing Voices, you will read about my search for fullfillment and healing in sections such as spiritual development during the ascension process, and  my journey in hearing voices which assisted my spiritual growth.

I have experienced the following symptoms which will help you discover and understand what you are experiencing. The ascension process is ongoing to you and others as Mother Earth goes through her cleansing process.

Hearing Voices

Once I started connecting on the soul level and listened to the voices, everything fell into place.

I learned what I needed to do from my spiritual guides who encouraged me to meditate and do daily spiritual cleansing. This work led to my releasing technique which I used on myself for healing my physical pain and named Cellular Memory Release. 

Today I use this technique which I developed to help others heal during online sessions.

As a child, my ability of hearing voices frightened my mother when I spoke continuously to 'my friends' as I called them. She forbade me from talking to 'my friends' and to others about my spiritual ability because it would have led to a mental illness stigma. So I carried this secret most of my life, up until now.

Are You Questioning Your Existence?

If you are searching for answers, you may find information through others going through similar issues. At spiritual chat you can ask me a question and read about others' experiences or, you can contact me directly for a session.

If you are struggling with your own fears regarding hearing spirit voices, you will discover how I overcame my emotions as I coped with recent deaths in my spiritual journal.

Through my ability, I found my way back, once again, to communicating with God. Besides having conversations with God, and Archangel Michael, I  continually communicate with my guides, and other spirits.

Spiritual Growth and Healing By Hearing Voices

Beyond Hearing Voices offers you the benefit of my spiritual growth and healing through the spiritual health articles that you can find here.You will find help with

  • discovering how to quiet your mind with healing meditation such as benefits of meditation, in order to receive answers from dowsing questions and other spiritual questions such as your life's lessons.
  • learning various techniques for using a pendulum, which is a spiritual tool in finding answers to all your questions
  • problems with anger, I have written many pages as it was one of my issues, but it was hidden, start with anger problems

We are all here on earth to learn our life's lessons; ( my biggest lesson was accepting that I heard voices and to use it to help others). I also learned my lessons through working through and releasing my past lives.

You will learn the meaning of karma which is revealed through your soul family and soul mates.

Often times, in order to understand what you are experiencing in your present life, you may discover through past lives, emotions that you are still carrying that are being triggered in this life time. 

Process of Healing Led to Healing Herbs

During the process of grieving, I found that I was continually weak and susceptible to colds and the flu. I did not like the medications nor antibiotics which often made me feel worse.

I asked the spiritual real for help with my dilemma and I was led to a herbal company here in Quebec.

Since that time, I no longer use prescribed drugs and have used various herbal remedies for ailments I had. You can read testimonials from others who have used these herbs which has become a very important element in my life. They have helped me and I believe they will help you too!

My Passion

This website is the result of my spiritual awakening and my own cleansing process which allowed me to do what I am passionate about - helping others.

I have finally found inner peace and joy in being able to use my unique gift, other than the traditional form of therapy, to help you with:

  • chronic pain, 
  • illness,
  • behavioral problems such as panic attacks, stress, anxiety,
  • emotional disorders.
  • intimacy issues
  • realizing your true potential,
  • finding answers to your questions about your existence 
  • why you are here and to make it happen so you too you can reach others and connect in a meaningful way.

Contact me for a free consultation by telephone if these are some of the issues you need help with, schedule an appointment today by  contacting me  which I will reply within a 48 hour notice.

Clairaudience is a wonderful gift. If you are fortunate to have this ability, I can help you use it to your full potential in achieving spiritual wellness, so that you too will be able to help yourself and others in your community.

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