2011 - The Year of Transition/2012 - The Year of Emergence

by Stefanie Brown
(Mechanicsburg, PA, USA)

It is hard to believe that 2011 is almost at an end. So much has happened this year globally, however, I would like to talk about what has happened in women's lives personally.

2011 has been the year of Transition, a year of changes, a time of being stretched beyond where you are and who you thought you were.

If you look back over this year, can you say that you are in the same position mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically right now as you were on January 1, 2011?

If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, then you are/have been in the process of Transition:

  1. Have events in your life in the past three to five years seemed to have stalled/slowed down only to have increased in the last year like a whirlwind, turning things upside down and inside out?

  2. Have you noticed that you are not content with where you are at and feel that there is something you need to reach for, yet you cannot grasp it?

  3. Do you feel like you are inside of a "shell" looking outside of yourself and your life?

  4. Are events in your life right now, at this moment, seemingly similar to events that happened YEARS ago in your life and yet you are handling them different?

  5. Do you find circumstances being presented to you that cause you to look inside of yourself more than you ever did (maybe for the first time), and you are developing a greater awareness of who you are?

  6. Have you been pushed to almost a "breaking point" where you felt that you just cannot take one more thing being put on your plate or tossed in your direction?

  7. Have you felt that you are being pulled in all directions at the same time?

  8. Have you lost your job or have you become increasingly dissatisfied with your profession?

Answering yes to even one of the above questions is validation that you have been in a stage of Transition and Transition leads to Emergence! Just as the labor stage of transition is painful, so has been the transition of women's lives this past year. It was all preparation for the next stage - Emergence.

The dictionary defines "emergence" as: "the appearance of new properties or species in the course of development or evolution; a recovering of consciousness."

2012 is the year of EMERGENCE, a coming out of the old and into the new. Emergence brings a new creation of mindsets, a new view of ourselves and our lives. This time of Emerging is like waking up from a deep sleep, rubbing your eyes, stretching, adjusting your eyes to the light and your surroundings and getting your bearings. Some of you may experience the "sense" that you know you've been here before, but yet something feels very new, just not quite the same. There is a lighter feeling that you are experiencing. You are not feeling heavy laden and burden weary. Even though the same burdens that had you crawling on the floor due to the weight before may still be present, you will now be able to effortlessly glide along and put them into their respective place. A new MINDSET is EMERGING. A new VISION IS EMERGING. A NEW PLAN IS EMERGING.

However, before we can emerge, we must finish the Transition stage. Transition may have involved for some women a time of grieving (and grieving takes many forms). All grief stems from loss, i.e. the loss of a marriage/relationship, finances, loss as in the death of a loved one, loss of property, loss of identity of oneself, etc. A deep work is being done in the lives of women today.

This stage of Transition has been a time where some women never realized how much they didn't grieve YEARS ago due to a loss until one small event may trigger the grief emotion and women soon find themselves hurting deeply.

If you find yourself in this situation presently, do not run from it or try to numb it. People can numb pain from loss in many ways, such as involving themselves in numerous activities to keep busy, paying attention to others' lives instead of themselves, substance use/overeating/undereating, etc. There are many ways people tell themselves they are "healed" or are "fine" when in reality something that happened 10, 20 or even 30 years ago was never dealt with due to escape methods.

Loss requires pain. Pain is not a negative emotion. It is necessary in grieving, and especially in moving on. If we never experience pain, i.e. if we live life feeling numb or move along like the walking dead, one never will grow or move on and living for what you were created for seems almost impossible. Pain is a requirement for healing and moving on.

I also can tell you pain impedes vision. If we focus on the pain as a negative and not embrace it and allow the season to fully mature and pass on (die) (yes, pain dies), then we lose vision.

It seems like during these seasons of our lives is when God/The Universe, however you want to term it, brings someone or people around us to see for us and guide us through.

Losses are gains, even though not all of them seem that way. There are those losses in life that hurt to our core. I do know that those who experience the extremes in life are usually the ones who are called to a destiny of immense proportions.

Someone said to me a long time ago when I was going through a season of grief/loss that, "People are waiting on the other side of your obedience. They need what you have to give them."

We as women were created to be forerunners, to lead, not follow. We need to be obedient to the healing process and allow ourselves the privilege and duty of being healed of all that would hinder our destiny from coming to fulfillment.

So I say this to those women who are grieving/hurting, "People are waiting on the other side of your obedience. They need what you have to give them."

So, with the Transition stage being a time that includes the healing of the deep wounds, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you find yourself thinking about the past one or more times per day?

  2. If your answer to #1 is yes, write down specifically what you are thinking about.

  3. Write down all that you "miss" from that area of your life.

  4. Write down all that you do not miss from that area of your life.

  5. Look at what you wrote in #3 and say out loud, "I want to be healed."

Too easy? Quite the contrary. You are now receptive to the Universe to heal those core issues inside and reveal those core areas that you didn't know needed healing. It is a quick work in this season. Long counseling sessions and years of psychotherapy are not needed J. Nothing else at this moment is needed on your part except to receive the healing.

Be forewarned. By speaking your intention out loud, you have just beckoned the Universe to bring healing to you. The events are now set in motion to happen and happen they will. Pay attention to the people who enter your life and those who are removed.

As you look at this past year and note the situations that have occurred in your life, keep in mind it was to prepare you for 2012. The time for you to become who you were created to be is here. It is NOW.

Stefanie Brown
Take Your Destiny

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by: Maria S

Thank you so very much for such a wonderful and powerful speech.

I recently within the last year have become a born again Christian or renewed Christian however you want to say it. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and I now not only living my life for my family and myself, but most importantly I'm living my life for my Father God and I want so very much to have all of his love that he is able to bestow on me.

I wake up every morning and I thank God for all of my blessings, my beautiful baby boys, my boyfriend and our work in progress relationship, my wonderful father, my beautiful little sister and many more things. I have a wonderful Church that Jesus led me to in my Journey and that has just begun my Journey.

I was a smoker from age 13 until I was 26 I have been smoke free now for months and I have no intention on ever turning back. I don't do drugs and for someone who used to love to get drunk with their friends and party, I have completely turned around that aspect in my life. I don't need any form of substance to make me feel happy and whole.

I have everything in front of my face everyday to put a smile on my face and love in my heart. My wish and my job now is to fill my children with the love of God and to teach them right from wrong and to love them and discipline them and guide them in this wonderful journey called life.

I am by far from perfect because well lets face it their hasn't been a perfect being since before Adam and Eve sinned against God. Our spiritual father made the to the term perfect and they ruined that. I do know this, I make mistakes and of course, I have done things in my past that I regret, but if I didn't make mistakes throughout life and if I never sinned how would I have learned so very much. I have also became a much stronger person by my past and my present and even my future, I hope to help others in this world who once were lost souls like myself and help them find the glorious light of our lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you again for such a beautiful message and God Bless You.

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