5 Ways To Relieve Stress and Anxiety Naturally

by Ryan Rivera

Stress and depression bring with it so much annoyance. A great surge of negative emotions would likely crush you mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. With these blows, you tend to lose interest in things that used to give joy and pleasure. Work suffers. Obligations are forgotten. Performance becomes lousy. Health suffers as well because appetite is negatively affected and the body no longer gets its needed nourishment. You become agitated, easily angered, nervous, and grumpy.

Sleeplessness also patrols your nights making you exhausted during the day. With all of these, it comes as no surprise if you develop anxiety and stress.

If you do find yourself becoming more and more anxious, do something to manage and control it. Do not wait for the symptoms to get worse. However, management does not necessarily mean immediate involvement of doctors or medications. There are certain activities, foods and strategies that can help keep the body safe from anxiety attacks. Some of them are the following:

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises
    Stress can impair our breathing patterns. When we suffer from this mental and physical exhaustion, we take short shallow breaths rather than the normal deep, relaxing ones. Hence, carbon dioxide, which helps stimulate our breathing, decreases causing us to hyperventilate. Hyperventilation in turn increases our anxiety experience. For relief, many experts recommend the practice of deep breathing exercises.

    Deep breathing exercises can be performed either lying down or in a sitting position. Go with the position that you're most comfortable. Place one hand on your chest, while the other on your stomach. Then slowly inhale using your diaphragm. Your stomach must move more than your chest. Hold this breath for 2 seconds or more. Afterwards, slowly release it through pursed lips. Continue this exercise until you sense that your muscles have relaxed.

  2. Physical Exercises
    Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins or the feel-good hormones. Endorphins cause a euphoric feeling that will elevate your mood making you happier and at ease. It was also found that regular physical exercises reduce anxiety disorder symptoms in women, which could also be true for men. Aside from stimulating your body, physical exercise proves to ease stressful thoughts. It helps to redirect your mind to your movements, creating a Zen-like state or inner peace. Examples of these exercises include yoga, aerobics, running, and swimming.

  3. Herbal Teas
    The use of herbal teas such as lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian root, and passion flower has received commendations from experts and herbal tea drinkers. These natural growing herbal plants have attracted this much attention as they help relax the mind and body from the ill effects of worries and stress. They also promote a better sleep experience for those finding it hard to go to sleep or stay asleep. And because they are naturally grown, they have little to no side effects when compared to synthetic drugs that relieve anxiety and promote sleep.

  4. B Complex Vitamins
    The loss of appetite can aggravate your anxiety symptoms since deficiency in several complex vitamins will result to poor coping with stress. B complex vitamins are essential vitamins that your body needs to have. They help maintain proper nerve functioning. With proper nerve functioning, the body is able to handle internal and external stressors. Since the body does not produce these vitamins, your diet must contain adequate supply of these.

    Examples include thiamin, niacin and cobalamin. Thiamin is called vitamin B1. It helps convert glucose into energy to sustain the brain of its much needed fuel. This will prevent fatigue, irritability, anxiety and depression. Niacin or vitamin B2 prevents psychosis and dementia. Cobalamin or vitamin B12 is important because it aids in the transport of oxygen to the cells in the brain and body.

  5. Aromatherapy
    Another form of alternative medicine that will help relieve stress is aromatherapy. This therapy uses aromatic essences or essential oils from plants to improve mood, stabilize emotions and heighten concentration. The inhalation of these fragrances or the kneading of these oils to the skin helps loosen tight muscles and eases headaches, muscle pains and other bodily discomforts. Adding a few drops of these oils on a warm tub of water, on shampoo and conditioner, on perfume and even on drinks like water, tea or juices will help facilitate the relaxation process. Common scents used in aromatherapy are eucalyptus, ylang ylang, rosemary and geranium.

These 5 ways to relieve stress are very simple and they really work to some extent. You don't have to pop pills immediately like most people do these days. Look at what they have become or what happened to them. You can start with those that are readily, and yes, naturally available to you. They're much less expensive and they are safe.

Ryan Rivera suffered from anxiety before. It is through the use of natural techniques that he has freed himself from anxiety's psychological and physical discomforts.

To learn more, visit www.calmclinic.com.

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