A Different Me

by Terra

I can't say I really understand this. I'm 14, and I'm a little confused at all of this. My grandmother had schizophrenia and my mom used to tell me stories of her rocking back and forth, screaming for no reason, ect. But, my mom does not have it and I have heard that it can be hereditary. I just have a question about all of this. and This is going to be a little long :) Sorry.

But moving on to my questionable experience.
I will say that I do have a stressful past.
About 6 months ago, I moved into a new house. I don't mind moving to this house, it's very nice. However I recall that I would talk to myself somewhat while moving, as you might know, moving is very stressful. Having a 'friend' there was relieving.

Before, it was ever so often, but now it seems I talk to myself constantly in my head. Never outloud unless I'm alone. But I contradict anything negative I say or anything that can be improved with better thinking, and the voice within my head is a voice of reason and logic.

She guides me through any problems I have, and gives me a better prospective on life. I write stories for a creative outlet, and I usually type my brainstorms out so I can see the progress I make, and she gives me ideas for stories I never thought of.

Now, how I'm reading what I want to type, (how people read inside their head of what they want to type in a message or text) and how I hear her are completely different. I can hear myself reading this clearly, and loud, and just very distintive. Her however, I hear somewhat back farther in my head, still clear, just...how it feels when you're talking to someone else. I hear it in my head, never outloud. She is not mean or cruel. She is probably my better half, she's strong and confidient and has a very tongue in cheek humor to her.

My question, honestly, is how do I know that I am hearing this voice and it isn't me talking to myself? Like I said, she has a completely different personality, and gives me ideas and help. I tend to be stubborn and close minded at times, and she seems to open me up.

This is new to me, and I have not confided in anyone, and I just need a little bit of light shed on this matter from someone with experience.

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Jul 29, 2012
A Different Me
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hi Terra,

You have explained how you hear voices very well. I do not believe you have schizophrenia. those who do are not rational, the stories they tell are bizarre and the voices they hear are menacing.

Being able to hear voices in the spiritual realm is a special ability - you are able to communicate with spirits. You will receive much guidance through this ability, and perhaps one day you will be helping others.

It could be your spiritual guide who is speaking to you. Each one of us has these guides, and mine have changed throughout the years. A change of guides depends on our personal ascension and spiritual enlightenment.

Just one word of caution, always ask for protection and cleansing before speaking in the spiritual realm for you could be attracting negative spirits who just want to play with you because they can.

Ask Archangel Michael for his protection.

Sending light and love,

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