A Rich Beyond A Desire Unmesurable

by Kaylia

Just a glimpse of 'me:

It all started with a story I called, "secrets die".

I met a boy, who I 'thought' {heha} was to die for! I never told him how I really felt, just you know always pushed him and it to the side. He liked me too.

Well, he died... I was devastated: At least I thought...I started seeing things unimaginable...Ghost, people, with cameras-watching me, GOD?, Angels?, maybe even Jesus?, Hearing them also, Even this "delusional" thing called my spirit-'the light'-'my Love', was there.

In the beginning it was offering me dreams. This was a negative moment, (or should I say couple of weeks).

This day I hear voices and I not only feel my spiritual awakening also, I hear it too! I promise
I feel physical heaviness in my body, head, arms, fingers even..sometimes even my middle finger when Im doing or sayin somethings Im not supposed to, sometimes to the Lord. I wonder what that could mean. I did something I wasn't aware of,& still not aware of trying to have what I call "fun" with my spiritual self, I felt bugs in my skin, {yuckier than a fly & ooourgh do they gross me out}. I'm a sweet girl, Why should I have felt something so yucky?

I can sense things in other people before it gets there to them, I know half the time what other people are thinking of me. I even know exactly what to say, how to position myself to respond, how its supposed to be or how my spirit likes it or wants it to be when she's happy OR even mad at me.

-I think I need ATTENTION: lol NO [I had a lot of attention as a child, : ) yes Jesus.
I mean... I think 'my brain AND/or heart' needs attention, from some kind of invisible camera..LOL...one that can perform tricks like this shizo tic that keeps doctors and intellectuals they need help too! away from whatever it is...LIKE I CAN SEE IT! Why can't you put a EVP cam recorder in my brain/veins to see.

PLEASE: How come when seeing a doctor/therapist and you say you're hearing things, they say, "Oh, you're only hallucinating". Well, uhm, excuse me doctor, YES I AM hallucinating, that's why I'm here.

The hallucinations I'm having are making me visualize and hear the unconditional and/or GHOST! therefore YOU'RE hallucinating..when you hallucinate, you see things that AREN'T there.looking at my brain x-rays you don't see anything..CORRECT? ..so if I AM SEEING THINGS... THAT ARE THERE IN MY HEAD {cause thats why I'm at the doctor..for me!} then I am NOT hallucinating, I am seeing SOMETHING THERE! -Oh I'm not? So now I'm crazy because you just promised me I wasn't, I say 2wks ago when we had our 2nd meeting.

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Sep 02, 2011
Humble Comment...Be Calm
by: Anonymous

When we are in touch with the spirit world, we realize this is also a responsibility. A responsibility to do kind and good things for people on earth, and also to be kind/loving to your own self.

Many people do things for different reasons, but I like to think that I work as a tool for God...not for my own gains, or attention. Because, for many times if you go around telling people you can speak with the spirits who are on the other side...they will think you are "crazy"..for this reason...some things are better kept quiet and with respect...I don't see myself as an entertainer, but as a help to the spirits and to their loved ones here.

Reading your letter, I like to say...try to pace yourself, calm down, and be still...and think before saying anything, to yourself and to others...May God bless you and care for you...

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