A Voice In My Head : Practical Help From The Next World.

(ABERDEEN. Scotland.)

There is much talk these days about angels communicating with people, helping them, guiding them etc. Personally I find this angel therapy rather hard to believe.

I have always received help with my earthly problems, but I believe such help has been given to me by the ordinary inhabitants of the next world. A world that is filled with people who followed all trades, professions and occupations while they were alive on this earth and who now wish to help those of us still facing life's problems.

How have I received this help?

Since childhood I have been aware of what I always called "the voice in my head." If I was worried about something or had a problem the voice would come and give me perhaps a quotation, a line from a hymn or a verse from the Bible which comforted me and told me that all would be well.

As I grew older I have not heard the voice so often. A medium told me in a private reading that I was like a telephone line and always engaged and the next world found it difficult to get through to me.

The help I have received from the next world is of a very practical nature. It is my experience that you get help from different spirit individuals according to your needs. My career in life was that of a librarian and many times, when faced with some adminisrative problem, the answer was given to me I believe by a librarian in the next world. Again when I was learning to do dressmaking and getting into difficulties, the voice and sometimes a little mind movie, would tell and show me how to sort out the problem.

There is a book by Catherine Marshall where she quotes a similar episode when she was trying to make curtains. Nowadays I find that it is in moments of absolute stress that the voice comes most clearly.

One such example which I have written about in my book occurred when I was moving home:
I was trying to lift a carpet which had been nailed to the floor. I was using a screw driver to try and lever up the nails and I had a pair of pliers with which I was trying to grab the top of the nail. One part of the carpet completely defeated me. I was tired, I was on my own and I had no one to help me. I burst into tears and cried out to Spirit "Somebody, help me, help me!"

The voice came right back,"You are holding the pliers the wrong way. See that hole in the middle? Wrap the hole around the nail and tug upwards."

I did this and the nails lifted out easily. What an example of practical help from the next world! Was it my father or perhaps a joiner? Whoever it was I was so grateful. Another excellent example of help received in this way was just after my mother had died. Having no family to speak of I was left alone in the world.

About two weeks after the funeral the floodgates burst and I started crying as if my heart would break. I was shouting aloud "I might as well be dead too, I'm all alone and no one cares about me."

Back came the voice with utmost clarity, "Sheila cares about you. She wrote you that nice letter. Ring her up and ask her over for a cup of tea."

Sheila was a cousin I hardly knew and she had sent me a nice letter of condolence saying she was there for me if I needed her. The voice stopped me in my tracks and I thought I would follow the advice.

The end result was that Sheila and I became very good friends and she was indeed there for me when I needed her.

I still find it amazing that the next world tells you to invite someone over for a cup of tea! Talk about practical down to earth advice!

So you see I don't think of my helpers in the next world having wings and halos. I think of them as ordinary everyday folk, perhaps relations, who are still watching over us and are concerned to help us with life's problems. I know when I reach the next world I want to do what I can to help those still on the earthplane and endeavour to smooth their path through life.

I have written a book called "Why I am a Spiritualist." See my web site http://www.missadamckay.com for more information. I am also on FACEBOOK.

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