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Site Build It! (SBI) has a very generous affiliate program making money. The SBI program is more generous than most affiliates. See their rate structure at their Affiliate Center.

If you already have a website and are looking for new income sources, this one is very solid. If you don't have a website, use your intuition and start writing about your passion(s). It works, this website is about my passion, and helping others connect to their spirituality.

Since I built my website on hearing voices, here are the reasons why I know this affiliate program works.

Important Reasons

  • you continue to earn residual commissions when each referral you generate renews their annual subscription, so the earnings are ongoing
  • Site Build It! has a two-tier affiliate program, meaning that you also earn commissions on sales generated by affiliates you refer
  • unlike some programs, they have a solid tracking system to make sure you're fairly credited for your referrals
  • they support their affiliates with their 5 Pillar Club newsletter, detailed tracking tools, ad generators, members-only forums, and more

And something else, event if you don't own a website or perhaps you're only in the thinking stages, you can become a Site Build It! affiliate even if you never purchase a Site Build It! subscription for yourself.It's a win-win situation.

Why This Affiliate Program
Making Money Is So Successful

The Site Build It! program is serious about seeing their affiliates succeed. Not only does it have a great affiliate program

they back it up with a truly valuable service that actually works for those who work it.

Below is Ken Evoy, the creator of Site Build It! who is an incredibly hands-on entrepreneur with a rare level of dedication to his customers. He's personable and extremely active in the Site Build It! members-only forums, with more than 4,700 posts of his own.

He makes a tremendous personal effort to help people succeed, and when I met him myself at an SBI Christmas Party in Montreal, I could see that his interest in people is authentic.

Take a few seconds and listen to what Ken Evoy says about Site Build It! You can watch him on You Tube,

Ken Evoy on You Tube

and click below again for more information about SBI.

He isn't alone; there are plenty of highly active members in their SBI forums who are passionate about their businesses and about helping each other. You can read about their testimonials with SBI below.

As Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990) said, "The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. "

You can read about their personal testimonials with SBI here.

This is great for people who already have a successful online business because this is an affiliate program making money.

You benefit from each new affiliate who joins from your affiliate links. Due to the generous commission structure, some affiliates earn more than $10,000 per month.

Visit Site Build It! And Their Affiliate Center

Learn about affiliate marketing here, affiliate marketing and visit their Affiliate Center below to check out their commission structure. at the bottom of the page.

Even if you already run a successful online business that generates thousands of dollars a month in income for you, you don't necessarily need Site Build It! but, I highly recommend you join their affiliate program, which will give you an extra passive income stream.

Other Ideas For Affiliate Programs

If you are interested in travelling, you can write about a place that you enjoy and perhaps even move there as Nori did with her family.

See her website at Anguilla Beaches

She is making a bundle of money through her affiliations with hotels, restaurants and so on.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

I strongly recommend you look into Building An E-business where CTPM is important if you want to successfully generate income online. C stands for content, T for targeted traffic and M for monetize.

You will see related content for this affiliate page at the top of the 3rd column.

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