Afterlife Experiences or Meeting Arrivals in the Next World

(ABERDEEN. Scotland.)

Many years ago I discovered that when I was in a deep sleep I left my body and crossed into the next world (astral projection) where I had conversations with those who had recently arrived there.

I first realised that this was happening when I was in my twenties. I would wake up and know that I had been somewhere else talking with others and that it was not a dream. I felt as if I had been zapped back into my body at lightening speed. I could not remember what I had been talking about or to whom and I thought next time it happens I am going to try and remember.

Well, it did happen again and I did remember. I was standing on the platform of what seemed to be a small railway station where a group of people had just arrived. I was talking to them and one gentleman said that he had owned a shop. I must have known something about this because I asked him why everything in the shop was so dear. He replied that the shop was famous because it sold expensive items.

At this point I woke up because my mother had appeared with my morning tea and she told me that it had just been on the news that the man who founded Harrods had died.

To say I was scared is putting it mildly! I was terrified! I was sppeaking to dead people in my sleep (afterlife communication). I prayed to God and told Him I did not want to do this. It stopped and the years passed.

I was interested in Spiritualism and read many books on the subject. I began to realize just what I had been experiencing. I had been chosen to be one of those who met new arrivals as they entered the next world. I was happy to be of service and it started happening again. I will relate five other occasions concerning afterlife communication that I particularly remember.

The first was a young Irishman who had been killed during the "Troubles" in Ireland. I don't know from which side of the conflict he came but what I do remember is the terrible hate he was feeling against those he was fighting. He just oozed hatred. I tried to get him to understand that the ones he hated were just young men like himself. Men he could have become friends with, gone to football matches with and together they could have taken their girls to dances. I talked and talked and I could feel myself drawing away when realization dawned on him and he said "Oh, I see..." I had finally got through to him. My abiding memory of that incident is of the hatred felt by one human being for another. If this is being felt in conflicts around the globe then we really need to put out the message to love one another.

The second occasion was with my own father who had died a few days previously. I met him in my sleep and he told me he had met up with a good friend of years ago. Had I been asked the name of this friend I would not have remembered, but it was spelled out in big letters for me and then I remembered it.

The third time involved a friend from my keep-fit class. I saw her walking down this lovely country lane. I exclaimed "Hello Kate, what are you doing here?" and she just smiled at me. I woke up and thought "Oh, NO!" Of course she was not at the next class or the one after and everyone was asking where she was.

I had to live through the next couple of weeks with my secret knowledge until it was discoverd she had died. I always regret that I had not noted the date of my sleep experience.

The fourth occasion is really of interest because the person I met was a Humanist! He was a retired work colleague whose funeral I had attended about three weeks previously. I remember looking at his coffin in the crematorium and thinking that he was in the next world now whether he believed in it or not. When I met him in my sleep the first thing that struck me was how young he looked. I had always known him as an older man with thinning, iron-grey hair and now he was so much younger and I saw the handsome man he had once been. He said to me "It was all a mistake,I wasn't dead after all. I feel wonderful and I am going to live forever" and I was so happy for him.

The final incident I want to relate happened in the last 12 months. It was a famous Scottish entertainer of whom I was a particular fan. I found myself standing next to him and another Scottish entertainer whom I knew had already passed. They were discussing putting on a concert and I said "Oh that will be great. I'll look forward to that" and then I woke up. There was nothing on the news and I put it down to a dream. Then three weeks or so later I read a letter in the newspaper. "I was saddened to learn of the recent death of ...." and I knew it had indeed been him. Again I wish I had noted the date and I would so loved to have gone to that big Scottish concert!

So that is my experince of meeting new arrivals in the next world (afterlife communicationg). I am older now and seldom have the deep sleep I used to have. As a Spiritualist, I know beyond any shadow of doubt that death is not the end and that we all pass into another dimension and a new life. My sleep experiences (astral projection) have strengthened that belief. I know there is nothing to fear and I can look forward to meeting all my family, friends and acquaintances in that new and wonderful world.

Conclusion: My afterlife communication has strenghened my belief in the afterlife and has given me the knowledge that life in the next world contains much to look forward to.

I have written abook called "Why I am a Spiritualist." See my web site for more information. I am also on FACEBOOK.

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Nights When We Dream
by: Anonymous

I also can share some of your experiences.

Growing up I always called them "funky dreams", where I could see myself in foreign places, with different ethnic people and when I would wake up I had to think where I was because the dreams seemed so real. I always felt like I had taken trips. I really enjoy dreams like that, and when the time comes I am sure they will roll on again.

I do believe that we sleep in order for our Spirit to get a break from this world. Honestly, couldn't God have given us bodies that never had to sleep? Of course, we sleep so our spirit does get a chance to get out and wonder around and be free for a bit. And when we wake up... we say "God, that seemed so real".. Maybe it was.

I love dreams, it gives me an opportunity to experience other worlds, places, situations. How blessed we are, simply for being able to "dream".

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