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Who Has Anger Disorder ?

anger-disorderOut of Control Anger

An aggressive anger disorder is a psychological problem for people who exhibit sporadic and unmanageable episodes of aggression, violent and destructive behaviour. 

Those who have explosive outbursts of anger cannot control their emotions, and you cannot reason with a person during an episode.

I have witnessed this type of anger while I was working with clients suffering from Mental Illness, and it can be frightening.

It is often one of the symptoms of those suffering from Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia and is known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). When working with someone who has this order, you have to be extremely careful as an episode can happen very suddenly.

Excessive angry outbursts may also be caused by neurological impairment and substance abuse, which can inhibit one's ability to resist aggressive, angry or violent impulses.

Learn the symptoms of this disorder at explosive disorder symptoms.

This disorder cannot be blamed on bad neurology, DNA or biochemistry. If we fail to recognize and deal with anger as it arises, it becomes pathological and dangerous in an adult.

Know These Characteristics Of Anger Disorder

Anyone with this disorder

  • can suddenly explode with a rage which is out of proportion to minute and insignificant events or situations.

I have even witnessed this type of aggressive behaviour in my family and it is very traumatic for a young child to witness. As a young child, I can remember hiding in a dark closet trembling in fear when my mother became very aggressive.

fearful-childHiding in a Closet

After an angry episode,

  • the person who exhibits this type of behaviour feels confused, disoriented and fatigued often not realizing where they are or what happened. Once they become aware of what they have done, they often feel tremendous guilt.

Those with anger disorder

  • need a psychological assessment and treatment by a psychological professional as quickly as possible. But, the person exhibiting this behaviour has to accept that he/she has a problem so they can be treated.

Other family members who witness this behavior should also seek counseling.

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              3 Key Symptoms of this Disorder:

  1. There is major property damage or harm done to another
  2. Their behaviour is out of proportion to situations
  3. There is no explanation for their behaviour which is a symptom of chronically repressed anger or rage

Those with anger disorder need treatment as quickly as possible before they do excessive harm to self or others during an explosive rage. It can be very frightening for those who live or work with individuals with this behaviour and they too should consider psychological counseling.

You may wonder, "How does this happen?"

This behavior starts in childhood. Parents need to understand and consequently learn how to handle anger in their children.

Anger disorder usually results from a long-term mismanagement of anger, and is a process where the anger grows gradually over time into resentment, bitterness, hatred and destructive rage.

Since our society condemns and despises the affect of anger as negative, worthless or evil, we are partly responsible for the subsequent destruction.

And when mental health professionals continue to avoid confronting anger head on in their patients, by using drugs to behaviorally modify or cognitively rationalize anger away, they too are compounding the problem.

Understand These Reasons for Angry Outbursts

One way or another, we will always have to learn how to control anger as it is an archetypal human emotion.

  • First, we must acknowledge that anger is a valid, necessary, appropriate and unavoidable human emotion.
  • Habitual irrational or unrealistic beliefs and expectations about life (learned through our parents, teachers, mentors and media) can cause us to feel unnecessarily frustrated and angry at times.
angry-bossAngry Boss

  • Chronic repressed anger or suppression of anger is counterproductive, and ultimately futile and dangerous which leads to many behavioral problems in adult life.
  • We need to accept anger as a natural phenomenon, and teach children, adolescents and young adults how to manage and express it more constructively.
  • Anger disorder won't just disappear or go away, no matter how much medication we take, meditation we do, or how we intellectualize it. Anger disorder is here to stay until we learn how we deal with it.
  • If our anger, rage and resentment caused by trauma (child abuse) is left to fester unconsciously, it can turn to bitterness and hostility.
  • If you do not recognize the danger of internalizing your anger, later on it will affect not only our health, but lead to self-defeating, destructive, vengeful, aggressive and even violent behavior.

I believe that their underlying anger must be consciously acknowledged, accepted, understood and then released, read letting go of anger. If you do not release your anger, it will be driven deeper within which will make it dangerous for your health and perhaps others too.

If you need help with this problem, you can contact me.

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