Do You  Have These 5 
Anger Problems?

For anyone having this issue, it's important to acknowledge that you have anger problems. How do you know?

anger-problemsAnger Problems

If you cannot control or manage your anger issues, and find yourself flaring up for the least little thing, then you have anger issues.

On occasion, there are times when we all have experienced feelings of anger towards some situations beyond our control. Usually, this is an indication that you are simply under too much stress.

Lack of sleep and poor eating habits can also cause problems containing your anger.

You may wonder if you should just let your anger pass or work at getting rid of it. Eventually, when anger keeps rearing it's ugly head and controls your life, then you have to admit that anger is a problem.

Do you get angry while driving your car? My first contact with road rage happened while I was working in Massachusetts. The driver behind me kept beeping his horn while we were stuck in traffic. No one could move. I was shocked when I witnessed this behavior.

Eventually he went over a curb and drove on the sidewalk to get ahead. I saw many more instances of this behavior.

This type of behavior is very dangerous, and if you are a person who constantly gets angry while in traffic, this is a good sign that you have anger problems and you need to do something about it before someone gets hurt.

5 Important Anger Issues?

It is time to take positive action in helping yourself if your anger is:

 1. constantly on your mind for several weeks, especially when it starts to affect your enjoyment of life,

 2. caused by something that happened a long time ago, and is causing you to do vengeful things,

 3. making you act in an abusive or violent manner to others or to yourself,

 4. interfering with your ability to do your job, hurting your relationships with your family, and friends.

 5. causing a physical sensation such as raising your blood pressure or your heart to beat uncontrollably fast when things do not go your way.

Learn To Deal With Your Anger Problems

Anger is a huge behavioral problem for many and that is why I have written many pages on it. It was also a problem for me that was hidden; I didn't realize it until my health suffered.

It is important to deal with your anger before it causes you discomfort or pain. Read how to deal with anger page for suggestions.

Studies have shown that anger can cause serious health problems such:

  • ulcers,
  • heart and
  • liver disease.
  • It is also a major symptom underlying depression.

Read how anger can affect your health in depression and anger.

Your anger may have caused you to behave in ways that could cause you to lose your job or friends, or result in the break-up of your marriage. There are some things you can do to deal with your anger when it happens. Read how to control anger.

Other things you can do involve changing your way of approaching life by learning new attitudes and taking a number of practical actions. When all else fails, seek professional help, go to online-spiritual counseling.

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