Answer Accuracy for Future Events

by Claudia


I am just wondering how far into the future the pendulum can accurately answer questions?

For example, I dated a man for almost 5 years (since we were only 19) and about three months ago, we broke up, but continued to hangout and be friends.

Considering when we broke up it wasn't because we didn't still love each other. He was going in one direction, and I was going in another, and our lives weren't meshing well together. It was a struggle.... but we always said that we just couldn't be together RIGHT NOW.

Two weeks ago, we had an uncharacteristically mean fight and we have not spoken or seen each other since then. He is moving 4 hours away from our hometown in two weeks.

I miss him terribly. My faith in the Universe and my conversations with my Guides keep reassuring me it will work out. But through missing him, the fact he is moving soon, and that we have never fought this bad nor not talked this long, my faith is wavering and I am feeling constantly anxious.

So, I asked my pendulum if we would get back together as boyfriend and girlfriend by September 2009. It said YES (sadly it said he would not realize I'm the one until after he moves away). I then asked the pendulum if I would marry this man and it said YES.

How accurate are these answers?

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Jul 28, 2009
Answer Accuracy for Future Events
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Claudia,

I understand your state of anxiety related to your relationship. Right now many relationships are going through upheavals and challenges. There is so much that is changing constantly.

The energy now is not that same as it was, especially since the lunar eclipse and summer solstice. Everything is being brought to the surface.

As I have written before, the pendulum does not answer future events (anything based on time as time does not exist in the spiritual realm).

Working with a pendulum is one way of receiving answers from your higher self since it knows everything that your soul has experienced. It also knows which lessons you need to learn and with whom you agreed to have them with this time on earth.

Both you are your friend have lessons to learn, one of you may learn faster than the other. You have agreed to be together this time, and you will be together until the lessons are learned.

It is important to understand that you both have choices, and anything can happen. You cannot control what your friend decides to do. The main lesson is that you learn to love him unconditionally and to let him go and do what he has to do.

One of the lessons that we all have to learn is to let go of our attachments. You are obviously very attached to your friend and if you love him unconditionally, you will allow him to have the space and the experiences that he needs.

If you are supposed to be together in this life time, you will be. Your faith, your love and your patience are being tested, and it is important to have faith and to believe that all things happen as they should.

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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