Application For A Job

I just started using my pendulum and I didn't know that I was suppose to keep it on me at all times until reading what you have written.

I use it everyday and I ask it questions everyday, but what I would like to know is if I can ask it the same question every day?

I have asked my pendulum if I would I get this online job and it has told me "yes" each time.

Today (6-30-09) I received an email that I didn't get the job. I have asked other questions where it responded in the affirmative, and I'm afraid that they may not be true either, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong.


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Jul 01, 2009
Application for a Job
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Karen,

I will remind you that your mind needs to be clear and objective when you are working with your pendulum. Also, you need to cleanse yourself and your pendulum before you work with it.

I do this every time I work with mine. Read my page at dowsing for beginners where you will find out how to cleanse your pendulum.

You could also try to using your body, for example, in finding answers. You will find this information at dowsing techniques page.

In your case, perhaps you were thinking "yes" to the job and that is why you received a positive answer. Also if your mind is confused or you have doubts, this also affects the answer of your pendulum.

Regarding asking the same question every day: I would only do this when you do not receive an answer. You could also ask, "Am I ready to receive the answer?"

I suggest that you meditate to clear your mind before working with your pendulum. It gets easier each time you meditate.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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