Archangel Michael Channeling How
World Changes Affects Humans


Archangel Michael The Protector

Archangel Michael channels messages through Celia Fenn:

But, in the present time, most people are unable to find this Frequency fully, seeking for it outside of themselves, and not in the Heart, where it is anchored and from where it Flows. This external seeking creates anxiety, stress and projection dramas, which means that people "fall" away from the Frequency of Peace and Harmony and Oneness and "drop" into the "illusions" of the past, duality and fear and judgment. This creates unstable environment that is explosive and "flammable". That is why, Beloveds, you are seeing so much instability and anxiety, because the external "anchors" of the Third Dimension are gone, and people are still learning how to anchor themselves in their own Sacred Space within the Heart and to manifest this in a Grounded way on Earth.

Beloved Family of Light, it is simply a Frequency of Energy that you seek, and that is located within you. The Divine Light is not an external force that you must seek because you are separate from it. Know that Divine Light lives within you in the Sacred Temple of your Heart. When you Align your being with this Light, you can anchor yourself in this Flow and transmit and project these Light Codes. You become an Anchor and Transmitter of Galactic Frequency, of the Heart and Love of the Divine Intelligence.

Beloved Ones, it is simply a matter of being Aware, Awake and Empowered, and of choosing to align with the Frequency of Divine Love and Compassion. You will feel that Frequency within and you will manifest and experience Peace, Love and Abundance in the New Reality.

This Message was channeled from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn at

New Earth Energy January 2013

This is where you are now, Beloved Ones. You have embraced your True Nature and recognized that your work is to Create a New Reality in this New Earth. Not to receive it ready made from Spirit, Beloveds, but to share in the ultimate adventure of Co-Creating it with Spirit in a Conscious way. We know, as you know deep inside, that there is no problem that cannot be solved in this Infinite Realm of Possibility and Love and Compassion!

We know, as you know too, that to Create a New Reality means not to focus on the past and on old problems, old energies and old traumas, but to focus your energy on what you want to create Now and in the Future.

If you focus your energy on what is wrong, what is wounded, what is broken, then that is all that you will see, and that will fill your life bringing with it anxiety and stress. If you focus your energy on what you desire to Create, on Love and Harmony and Peace, then that is what you will Create and What will fill your life. If you choose to Be the Peace and Harmony, and to Live that Peace and Harmony, then so it Will Be!

Beloved Ones, perhaps the greatest challenge facing you in 2013 is Living and Breathing the Truth of Who You Are and so Creating Peace and Harmony in your Lives! It is not enough to simply talk about it, or meditate on it, it needs to be the reality that you are Creating and Living.

This requires total honesty about your Life and your Choices. Are you living to the highest expression of your Soul in your every day Life? In your Work? In your Relationships? Do you practice Integrity, Openness, and Generosity. Do you treat yourself with Love and Respect so that you can also treat others this way? Do you focus on Love, Joy, Compassion and Gratitude on a daily basis? Do you allow your Higher Self to guide you as you follow the flow of Divine Love and Abundance in your Life?

Do you truly allow Divine Light to Love You and Support You in this New Reality, or are you determined to hold onto the “old” you in the energies of anger, depression, and disempowered “victim”?

Beloved Ones, the Choice is Yours. In this New Earth your Reality is determined always by your Choices!

The above message was channeled through Celia Fenn at .

Message from Archangel Michael through Hazel where He stresses the importance of thinking for one's self. He says,

Archangel Michael

Man does not wish to assume responsibility even for thinking. This is the state of many in the mortal world. The usage of one’s time is seldom controlled by the self, but by others and analogous to this is that one’s thoughts are seldom influenced by self but by others. The passivity in thinking correlates to the stagnation which man and planet finds themselves mired in at this material time.

In other words the price of passivity impedes not only one's own progress, but the progress of the planet.

You can read the entire message at The Price of Passivity.

Archangel Michael Channeling

Below is a channeled message from Arch Angel Michael that I received a few years ago while reading about Him on another web site, I started to cough heavily which usually means that a spirit wants to talk to me.

Even though I have the ability of hearing voices, making me cough is method of getting my full attention.

A.A Michael: I am Archangel Michael and I would like to channel some information that the average person needs to understand, through you.

Okay, what do you want to tell me?

Symptoms Of Changes In Your Body And In Time

A.A. Michael's Reply: Listen carefully. The world is changing rapidly, and in order for human beings to adjust, their bodies are going through many physical changes such as extreme exhaustion, nightmares, night sweats, dizziness, nausea, headaches and so on. These changes are as a result of their bodies trying to catch up. The higher self knows what is happening but the physical body still has to make an adjustment from the 3rd dimension to the 5th.

Excuse me, what happened to the 4th dimension?

A.A. Michael's Reply: That is another dimension where other beings exist.

What beings?

A.A. Michael Reply: These are beings that exist parallel to the earth beings.

Is that were some of us will go when the change happens in 2012?

A.A. Michael's Reply: That is correct. Now as the body is adjusting, there is another phenomena going on – the change in time as you know it now. It is becoming more immediate, and that is why many feel as if time is speeding up. It is as quick as your thoughts and so it feels as if it is speeding up, but it is not. That is an illusion.

(I put my chin on my hand as I think about Archangel Michael's message)

I’m trying to understand what you are telling me, I’m sorry to interrupt.

A.A. Michael's Reply: Just let me finish.

You said that the illusion is that we think time is speeding up, but in reality it isn’t because it is not the same, or it is not measured, is that right?

A.A. Michael's Reply: Right, measuring time will not be important as it was in the 3rd dimension.

How will people keep track of what they are doing, or will do, and how how will they make appointments?

Humans Will Manifest What They
Think At The Moment

A.A. Michael's Reply: It will no longer be done in the same manner. As humans progress, they will manifest exactly what they think at the moment.

I was reading a channeled message from you where the author mentioned something about man manifesting too many material objects, but man can manifest other things such as happiness, peace, and harmony right?

A.A. Michael's Reply: Correct, those who are more enlightened will think of these things and be able to manifest them.

Isn’t that happening presently?

A.A. Michael's Reply: Yes, but on a smaller scale and once the rest of humanity catches up, that will be your reality - to have peace, happiness and harmony do you understand?

Yes, it will happen in the vibrations that others will feel right? It’s like walking into a happy room where everyone is happy and smiling, how can one remain unhappy in such a room unless they are out-of-touch with reality?

A.A. Michael's Reply: Correct, and that is how it will happen.

Is there something more that you want to tell me concerning this time change?

According to Archangel Michael, Physical Bodies Have To Adjust To Changes In The Atmosphere

A.A. Michael's Reply: Yes, right now, everyone needs to realize that what they are physically going through is necessary in order for their bodies to catch up to the atmosphere – the energies in the atmosphere surrounding earth. And those who will not change will become sick and opt out to leave earth as is now happening.

Does this mean that others will be dying at a much faster rate than before?

A.A. Michael's Reply: You could say that it is happening at a faster rate.

I thought you meant that in reality, there is neither fast nor slow because time is changing?

A.A. Michael's Reply: As you know it, there is still linear time until 2012 and then it will change.

You mean it will change that suddenly?

A.A. Michael's Reply: It is already changing gradually, but you cannot notice it. If you feel as if time is speeding faster, it is the change that your bodies are going through that gives this illusion that time is running faster. The physical changes of the body is disturbing to the mind and causing a certain anxiety in people which causes them to think that time is moving faster.

It is very important to put this on your web site so that others will realize what is going on.

Yes, I will immediately. Are you going to channel messages through me on a regular basis, perhaps every month?

A.A. Michael's Reply: Yes I would like to do that if you are in agreement?

Yes of course. (I suddenly feel nauseous.) Archangel Michael...I have to lie down.

Doreen Virtue's books, especially the one of Archangel Michael, helped me get through a very dark period in my life.

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