Ascension 2007
Channeled From God!

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Many people are unaware of what is going on, so I want to tell you about ascension 2007 which is continuing until the shift happens. I will keep it simple.

Basically everyone is feeling an enormous pressure within themselves - an uneasiness.

They are experiencing chest pains, stomach cramps, insomnia, asthma attacks, diarrhea, headaches and so on.

These are just some of the symptoms of the ascension process as you know.

Every time you released blocked emotions in your cellular memory, you experienced diarrhea, as you said this morning. The energy in the atmosphere is very strong now, and people are being pushed to change whether they want to or not.

Go With The Flow for Ascension 2007 and Future

Those who are not going with the flow, and what I mean by that is that they are trying to control situations surrounding them within their families and at work, will cause major upsets in their lives.

It’s very important to face what comes up now, and not go against it. Whatever comes into a person’s path or life right now, is important and needs to be addressed. You need to pay attention and read the signs of what is happening around you. There is a reason for everything now. There are situations that keep coming up in a person’s life, and they need to be addressed now, not later, not next week but NOW.

Be Conscious of Your Environment

This is the message that I want everyone to realize. If people do not deal with what is going on in their life presently, they will cause great difficulties for themselves immediately – they could get sick or have an accident or something like that. One can no longer sit on the fence concerning situations, one needs to act and to make decisions. There are no more chances left.

Everything is happening for a reason in the world, the old energy of greed and control and power, is releasing and causing certain organizations and companies with that type of philosophy to crumble. The chaos has already started, and will continue until all the negativity along with the old energy is destroyed, in order that the new and positive energy can exist.

Release Old Patterns and Behaviors

Certain people may feel very uncomfortable with old patterns and rituals, it is important to let them go. It is no longer necessary to hang onto that old energy, and the ones who try to do so will feel ill and very uncomfortable within their skin.

Ascension 2007 is affecting everyone in the world right now, and it is the same thing with Mother Earth, who is also going through ascension symptoms.

This is the time of great change, a new world is in the making, and those who go with the flow and the new energy will be at peace within themselves and will no longer feel sick.

Thank you Father, I think you have given me important information concerning ascension 2007.

You may be feeling some of these important ascension symptoms.

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