Asking The Pendulum If My Daughter Will See Her 5th Birthday

by Angeline
(South Africa)

I'm new to using the pendulum. I have a 3 month old daughter and fear losing her.

I asked the pendulum the following question:"Will my daughter see her 5th birthday?"

The answer was "no". Is the pendulum accurate or is my question inappropriate. Obviously the answer given has upset me very badly.

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Feb 06, 2012
Suggestions For Using Your Pendulum
by: Ramona

Since I do not know what you did to acquaint yourself with your pendulum before use, I would like to offer some suggestions:

1) First, be sure that your pendulum is cleansed and ready for use. You may run it under water, smudge it, put it in clean earth, some do salt, or i tend to picture a white ball of light coming down from God and Spirit, surrounding the pendulum as a whole (chain included) until it looks as though i am holding a ball of white light. I see this clearly in my mind's eye. I see all the dirt/energy washed away and I know I am ready for the next step.

2) Secondly, call in a higher being for protection, guidance, aand clarity. Archangels Michael and Rapheal are good for this. You may also call upon God, Spirit, and your guides. Depending upon your belief structure, you may also call upon various dieties/Gods/Goddesses that you feel comfortable with. You must firmly believe in their intent to work with you through this tool of divination for your highest and best good.

Once you have done the first two, be sure you are in a safe, comfortable place. You must feel at ease using your pendulum. Therefore, you are not sending mixed energies/messages based upon your reactions to outer surroundings.

Ask the pendulum if it is willing to work with you. Request that through the aide of those providing you with protection, guidance, and clarity that you receive the answers that you should. Once you do that, start out with simple test questions, one to three, that you will know it is giving you correct answers to. Such as, Mary was wearing a red blouse at work today. This friday (say the date with year) is my birthday. These are just suggested questions. Since you know your area and what is happening, you can come up with others.

Once it has answered the test questions, go ahead and ask other more direct questions that you want answers to (as long as the test questions were answered correctly.

I always thank my pendulum for working with me and answering my questions. I also say "Stop" at the end of a question once I received a reply. That way, the pendulum knows another question is coming.

Always be specific/clear when asking questions. As I suggested, date with year is very important since it is a definitive part of a question, therefore giving it clarity.

If after a bit the pendulum is not responding or the answers seem chaotic, it may be tired. Ask if it would like to stop or rest. You can also tell it to play. Just like us, we all need time to rest and play. At play, it may swing in wide joyous circles, going faster and faster. It is up to the pendulum how it likes to play. Also after heavy use, or non-use for some time, give it a good cleaning.

These are just suggestions. Try them and see how they work for you.

Rev. Ramona Carroll

Feb 06, 2012
Asking The Pendulum If My Daughter Will See Her 5th Birthday
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Since you are new to dowsing, please my page at
dowsing for beginners.

The reason for your fear in losing your daughter is because you have lost a daughter in a past life time.

Please, release all of your fears, your heartbreak, and loss of losing your daughter in that past life time. Forgive yourself for carying that negative emotion in all directions of time.

For my releasing technique, read

Once you have done this successfully, you will no longer be carrying the fear of losing your daughter.

Sending healing vibrations,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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