Asking Your Pendulum About Love

by Jocelyn Flores
(Riverside California)

I take my pendulum every were I go and I always ask it questions about my ex-boyfriend since we recently broke up.

I ask my pendulum if he is still in love with me or if he thinks of me or if he wants to start up a relationship again, and my pendulum answers "yes" to all of them. My pendulum has been answering "YES" every time I ask those questions since the first day my friend gave me the pendulum.

But, sometimes I have doubts because I think I'm just getting the answers that I want to hear. So please in any way, help me.

Thank you.
Love Jocelyn

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Nov 27, 2010
Trusting One's self
by: Mary Ann

Trust me I know about self doubt, you may have doubt, but I also continue to have doubt at times just talking with spirit, although it has been 4 years now.

I think the doubt comes from our own human ego and that is the biggest thing we as humans have to work on is to not doubt your own self. Of course, we have to use our own common sense...what I find is that spiritual talk tends to be positive, thought provoking...but when the messages are negative or mean, etc..they may be from your own mind's creation according to your own feelings. Trust yourself, love yourself, love those around you and you will never be wrong.

I also would like to invite you to my blog at

Nov 22, 2010
Asking Your Pendulum About Love
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Jocelyn,

It is very easy to control your pendulum and keeping a clear mind from all thoughts can be problematic for some.

For example, if a person believes strongly in a fact, the subconscious responds to it as truth. You have to set aside your conscious mind to get dependable responses or intuitive information.

Here is a suggestion before asking your questions, and by the way don't keep asking the same questions, try re-phrasing them:

Use the psychic breath to take the conscious mind out of the responses of your pendulum. To do this, draw in a deep breath, and as you exhale move your awareness back between your eyes. Keep moving back there until you feel yourself expand. That's when you will know that you are at the subconscious level, and then most of the mental chattering will shut off.

Now center your expanded awareness behind your spine, full length to open your psychic channels and to reach out to the the Universal Grid of Consciousness for the answers you are seeking.

Once you have done this, focus on your question and be very specific on what you are asking.

Do not preconceive the answer.

And keep practicing the psychic breath daily.

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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