Incarnated in this life I began by crawling, then mostly walking, running at times, sprinting occasionally, doing my best to maneuver through this 3rd dimensional existence unscathed. Going somewhere, but with no defined direction, migrating forward to an instinctively pre-programmed destination, some unknown GPS as a guide. Some signless road in the void with occasionally interesting scenery from time to time.

Always the feeling inside though, way down where I'd almost forgotten, that I would finally find it or it me, even though I didn't know or didn't know I knew what it was. Just an instinctive notion to go forward, not stopping the journey.

Some time ago I felt something. I felt as though this path I was on, the way it was going, how I was traveling, just wasn't real. The bricks didn't fit together, the surface was uneven, structure unrefined, weak in foundation. So I stopped for a minute and just looked around.

What exactly is all this and where am I? I am here. I am here, but I am really there. I need to get there from here. There must be made here. I gazed toward the horizon, toward there, called out with no vocal words, only my true inner voice, yearning to make there here.

Expecting unexpected, an answer. A great invisible surge came back, surrounded and caught me, and then retreated back from it's origin, like a wave. Something so strong, pulling me toward it, whispering to my soul to flow, to ride the wave back to Source. A true call to go toward, not forward. Love is the way, stop always trying to think it. I could feel these thoughts. Feel them inside, in my True Being, my Higher Self, my Divine Self. Time dropped away from me. No more time.

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