Bad in Bakersfield, CA

by Steve
(Bakersfield CA)

Some stories on this site tell of spiritual goodness. The "voices" I hear are not angelic in anyway. The language used and topic of conversation is something that not many would feel comfortable hearing or talking about. Nonstop profanity and stories of private matters about whom ever they choose are continuously going on.

I first heard them in late 2003. Married at the time I kept it to myself thinking that it was my imagination. It didn't take long for me to realize it was not my mind; leaving only two explanations, spiritual or in some way living people.

There have been many possibilities told to me from "The Voices". Other than the possibility of witchcraft or some technology that I was unaware of I had no answer for it nor do I care.

Over the years there has been things that make me wonder about psychic powers. Situations that have occurred that make it a possibility ranging from minor to horrific. While involved in conversation with the voices, I say just a few words (like a hint) and it will come up in the song that plays next on the radio station I am listening to at the time or letting me know that my mom was pulling into the drive way, things that are harmless or seems that way.

This next situation is horrific. For two or three nights, eating eye balls was talked about (untrue but about my dad doing it while a soldier in Vietnam and if a person would. A short time later here in the city where I live, a little boy was attacked by his dad (you can find the story on the web). His name is Angel, his dad bite his eyes out. It made national news.

This situation is extreme compared to most stories I have read on your site. There are many more things I could share.

With that in mind I feel that instead of "The Voices" being a problem for only me, put all walks of life in danger.

This is real... help is needed

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Mar 31, 2014
Bad In Bakersfield - Clear Your Own Thoughts
by: Anonymous

Also keep in mind Steve that the more attention and focus you put on thoughts or anything for that matter, that will expand.

So, stop thinking of negative things, focus on loving and kind things. Maybe the voices are just displaying your own subconscious thoughts. For this reason you need to be more aware of your own thoughts. And, if you leave yourself open and exposed, while entertaining such thoughts to get attention, you may chew more than you swallow. So, cleanse your thoughts and reflect on positive thoughts.

After all, you are the creator of your own Reality .

Mar 21, 2014
Bad in Bakersfield, CA
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Steve,

You are right Steve, not all voices are angelic and not everyone writes about angelic voices.

Just as in the material world, there are positive and negative spirits and you need protection from the negative ones if you have the ability to see and hear spirits.

When I tuned in to the voices a few years ago, I heard many negative ones talking about frightening things, but I learned from my spiritual guides how to protect and cleanse myself from negativity. You need to do the same, you do not have to accept the negative vibrations.

Call in Archangel Michael and ask for His protection every day and when you hear the negative spirits talking. Ask Him to take them away and bring them where they belong. Also ask for cleansing, and release all negative emotions and thinking into Divine light.

Also, pray and ask for help. I believe in the power of prayer.

If you are carrying negative emotions and thoughts, you will only attract negative vibrations.

Sending light and love,

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