Bad Luck.

by Kristina

I had used a pendulum in the past and I was very young and in experienced. I received answers that came true many years later. I had not used the pendulum since.

I have had bad luck ever since and have always felt heaviness or the inability to make things happen like I used to. As an artist I could never get my projects focused properly and I could not achieve the goal I had foreseen before I started the project.

Things have happened in a span of 5 years that were emotionally draining one after the other. Until recently something drastic happened that pointed everything back to the pendulum and having used it.

But I still can’t seem to shake this "bad luck” I almost wonder if it could be something else attached to my person. The pendulum was burned in a fire that it had predicted to me 4 years earlier. At the time I had blown it off as unbelievable.

I believe I found the bead in the ruble that was once the pendulum and the night of the fire I could feel a wave of pain almost like a scream and unconsciously thinking of the pendulum.

I still feel like something is unsettled and I don’t have anyone with experience to help me understand what needs to be done or why I have had a bombardment of bad luck and personal failures.

Even with the land, house and pendulum destroyed I still feel haunted with something holding me back unconsciously.

I guess I’m wondering what could have gone wrong in the use of a pendulum?

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May 29, 2012
Bad Luck.
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Kristina,

The heaviness you feel is originating from unresolved issues and emotions inside yourself and not from your pendulum. since you are carrying so many negative vibrations, you are attracting more negativity towards yourself.

The answers from your pendulum come from your higher self which has been a part of you since the first time you existed.

I advise you to work on releasing your negative and toxic emotions that are blocking you and creating what you call "bad luck" - these could originate from your past lives.

Find someone who can help you with identifying the root of your negative emotions or you can contact me for a session at online counseling

If you want to move forward, this inner work is very important. It is blocking your creativity.

Sending healing vibrations,

May 28, 2012
Stop Negative Thinking
by: Anonymous

I can only speak on my own behalf.

It sounds like you are looking for reasons for a variety of stuff and the fastest and easiest is to blame a pendulum which you seem to attach a negative value to.

I like to believe that what we think becomes reality, and your thoughts seem very negative so, why not try changing your thoughts and stop the cycle of negative thinking, because it will only bring more negativity to you.

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