Be Careful

by Kathy
(Brooklyn, New York)

After engaging in deep meditation for years, I started to receive guidance. I then asked who are you? The answer came, "your angel." The guidance I received about my health was very helpful.

I never heard spirits.

I then had a vision of angels announcing something would start. I then started to receive guidance that was deceptive lies. I followed this guidance, believing God would never lie.

The amount of suffering this caused can not be measured. I do not advise following voices.

If anyone knows how this can be gotten out, please let me know.

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Feb 22, 2012
Be Careful!
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Jamie,

Your grandfather is giving you good advise. But, do not be alarmed by his advise, you do not want to carry fear as this aonly attract more negative vibrations towards yourself.

His advise means that you need to have protection. Read my page on spiritual protection

Do this daily, also meditate and imagine being surrounded by Divine white light. You can also ask for Archangel Michaels' protection.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

Feb 22, 2012
Hearing My Grandfather's Voice
by: Jamie

My grandfather passed away two years ago. And sometimes he comes to me in spirit. I know it's him because I remember the way he talked. Recently, though he has been telling me something that he told me before he got sick and died, he says, "Just be careful baby".

Should I brush it off or is this cause for alarm?

Apr 02, 2011
Being Careful
by: Mandy


I would suggest you sit in meditation and strongly affirm that you will only accept the highest spirits, the brightest light.

Always keep your words in the positive Do not mention or even think about the dark spirits. As Tanya says, thought can attract them.

Affirm every day only the highest etc. and as Tanya says, watch your thoughts in every moment to keep them high and positive.

ALso do not engage with negative people as they can attract the darker side.

Good Luck and affirm strongly only the Highest.


May 19, 2009
Be Careful
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Kathy,

Thank you for your very important message.

We need to realize that there is the light and the dark side to everything. Just as we need to be careful in our daily lives, so it is in the spiritual realm. Even more so, since in most cases we do not see with whom we are communicating.

As I have mentioned on my web site, one always needs to ask for protection especially if you are sensitive and are following your spiritual path.

There are many souls who anxiously want to communicate with us here on earth and will give us any answer we would like to hear.

For protection, go to my page on spiritual protection spiritual protection.

It is always necessary to ask for a cleansing and clearing - go to Archangel Michael. You can also do this with visual imagery.

If you are not clear with whom you are speaking, use your pendulum or your body for a 'yes' or 'no' response. When I am uncertain, I always check with my pendulum.

And then, of course, there is always your intuition. If something does not feel right, then follow your intuition, it will never lead you astray.

You will know when you are speaking to your spiritual guide or any of the hierarchy of angels, and especially God. You will feel a sense of peace and lightness and goodness, similar to your feelings after doing a meditation.

I can understand your feelings after being misguided. I've have gone through something very similar. It is a learning experience, one you will never forget. You needed to go through this experience in order to learn the lesson.

If you have the ability of hearing voices, it is something that you will never lose. It is like having the ability to play music or draw. It is a part of who you are. You just need to learn how to work with this wonderful ability, and how to help others with it. You have it for a reason.

The greatest joy comes in helping others (those who ask) from our heart.

One more thing, our thoughts are vibrations so, it is very, very important (I cannot stress this enough) to keep your thoughts clear of any negativity ie. fear, anger, jealousy etc.) for this only attracts more negativity!

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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