by Sarah

Hi Tanya,

About three days ago, I purchased a clear quartz pendulum, which I love and only wish to use for good.

I would like to know if there is any chance a negative spirit or otherwise, could come through even after asking for protection and thoroughly cleansing both the pendulum and the amethyst?

It sits on with white sage at least once a day as I am only asking it "yes" and "no" questions with out trying to contact any spirits or guides.

I was just practicing the other day asking it to give me the letters of the name of a future husband though I only got garbled nonsense, nothing bad or odd has happened since but I didn't know about asking for protection when I did it and after reading some of the stories here I am to scared to use it.

I have had a lot of unusual things happen in the past and the last time something did happen I was scared as usual and asked my guides to make it stop, and within about two minutes it did. haven't had many other experiences since then.

The reason why I bought this pendulum was to possibly find answers to help my family as things have been a bit rough lately. I want nothing to do with any kind of spirit as I am frightened of my talent and am not ready to use it.

Any advice would be of great help.

Thank you very much for your time.


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Jun 30, 2012
Thank You :)
by: Sarah

Thank you so much for your time Tanya, your advice is important and I will try my best to let go of these fears and take into consideration everything you have said.

Do you think my guides are showing me they want to talk through numbers?

I have noticed that seeing double numbers has intensified in the last week or two and it does this every few months. I'm sure you are very busy, I don't mean to bother you.

I hope that you are having a great day/night and everything is well where ever you may be.
Many blessings.


Jun 30, 2012
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Sarah,

Pendulums are tools that should only be used for the good. You will find that it offers a connection between your higher self and the forces that move the universe. Everything is as it should be. If you ask questions about the future, you will not get correct answers as change happens very rapidly.

First of all, you have to release any fears you have about using the pendulum and other spirits - your fear will only attract more negativity, We all have spiritual guides and yours is waiting for you to make contact. A spiritual guide will not interfere with your life unless you ask for help.

Also it is important that you always have protection and cleansing for yourself and your pendulum - ask Archangel Michael for his protection and his help.

To release your fears, read my page on letting go. In this caase I have used anger, but it is my technique for releasing any negative emotion, situation or belief, and it works.

You have a spiritual level of being and the pendulum helps you to work with your spiritual side.

Please read the questions and comments to others.
Also read my pages on dowsing especially, dowsing for beginners.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Spiritual Counselor

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