Being Like Jesus

by Shay

One evening I asked Father God how we can be like Jesus. This is typed from my recorded trance meditation with spirit. ( As always Father God's words that were presented to me is in "quotes"). Please keep in mind that when Spirits are talking through people, they utilize that person's collective vocabulary, mine are humble. -------

Father God, how can we all become like Jesus?

"My dear, dear child, you are asking me a question that is hard to answer. For to be like Jesus, you have to let go of all your earthly senses. To be like Jesus, you have to let go of all of your any withheld emotions and feelings. You have to let go of any negative thoughts. To be like Jesus is not possible for my children on earth, for if it was possible, the earth would be more in harmony and peace. However, if you want to emulate and to work towards like being like Jesus than what you can do is love each and every person around you and love them regardless of who they are, love them regardless of what they do, love them regardless of what they have or don't have, love them unconditionally. For to be like Jesus is to be like God.

When Jesus was on earth, he was also in Human form just as you, however Jesus was assigned a task in order to prove love, healing and grace on earth. Jesus was always and forever the Soul Spirit of your Father God on earth. For this reason, you are to respect, obey and love Jesus. For Jesus was the son of God."

But Father God, aren't we all the Sons of God?

"My dear child, you are. However, Jesus was the Son of God as the way God presents himself to you today. Jesus was emanating God's love through his body, through his mind and through his thoughts. And for this reason, it would be difficult for any of my children to be like Jesus because Jesus was always in a state of perfection, for his Father is perfect and so was he."

I always thought Father God, and I always say that we are also perfect?

"Yes, my dear child I am aware of you using this figuratively. However, if you were perfect you would not have made any mistakes, you would not have broken any hearts, you would not have said anything that you later regret. And for this reason the perfection that you are talking about is on an earthly sense, because you want to work towards perfection while you are on earth. You are not to misunderstand me and conclude from our conversation that I am saying you are not perfect, that is not what I am saying. But, what I am saying is that you are perfect in your own way my dear child. Every child is perfect in their own way. You don't have to be like any other child, and any other child does not have to be like you. But, you are all in a state of perfection and grace.

Jesus was perfection in the sense of your God's perfection, for he never broke of any of my commandments that I have passed on to Moses, for he never assaulted any being on earth, for he never damaged anything that I created. So, your brother Jesus was the state of perfection of your Holy Father. For this reason, you are to look up to him, you are to love him and you are to respect him and you are to also pray to him as he was God on earth."

I thank you Father God.

"My dear child, I thank you for asking me how to be like Jesus. I bless you with the love of Jesus to surround you each and everyday of your life. For your brother Jesus loves you and I also love you."

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