Why Benefits Of Meditation Are 
Important For Total Well-Being

There are so many healthy benefits of meditation. Here are a few examples of how it has benefited me.

  • Since meditating, I do not have as much stress in my life.
  • I do not worry about the things that happen that are out of my control, instead I look for solutions.
  • I am more conscious about going with the flow
  • I also know that through faith everything is as it should be at each moment. Whatever happens is there for a reason and is there to teach us a lesson.

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benefits-of-meditationBenefits of Meditation

More Tremendous Health Benefits of Meditation

  • it reduces stress.
  • it lowers your heart rate and 

The more you meditate, you are able to silence your mind which gives you freedom from your negative thought patterns and allows you to experience being in the moment.

By being in the moment, you become more spontaneous and are able to respond freely to situations.

Silencing your mind, also allows you to be creative in a natural manner as you are no longer controlled by your negative thoughts such as criticisms and judgment.

Try Various Meditations

With these important reasons for meditating, you must be anxious to start.

In the beginning it is important to prepare yourself for meditation, read spiritual meditation.

Read about these different meditations, the following links are at the bottom of the 3rd column:

  • if you are a beginner, go to meditations for beginners
  • if time is a factor, try the one minute meditation
  • for healing your body, do the color therapy meditation
  • to awaken your sense of smell, do the loving kindness meditation
  • to practice being in the moment, do the mindful meditation
  • to learn which meditation works for you, read the most powerful meditation.

During one of the conversations I had with my deceased sister Sunni (having bi-polar disorder, she was a huge believer in meditation), about the benefits of meditation, here is what she said:

The sooner everyone starts practicing meditation or yoga or reiki or tai chi, the sooner more people will have access to their inner selves. It is important to put an active mind to rest so that you can concentrate and listen to your inner body.

These Benefits Of Meditation Changed My Life

I agree with my sister and besides the effects of being able to listen to one’s inner body, I have found that I am able to get things done much quicker as I can

  • focus completely at the task at hand.

Meditation also helps you

  • to detach from everything going on around you, especially all the little things that irritate you. It could be standing too long in a line at the bank or waiting in traffic.

It helps you to experience

  • inner peace and peace of mind since your thoughts do not control you. This results in an inner happiness that is lasting since it is not sought through external circumstances such as buying a new outfit or car. True
  • happiness always comes from within.

The best benefit of meditation is that you discover your reason for being here 

  • your true purpose in life.

Now that you know how meditation benefits you, plus that fact that you can do it anywhere and only costs you time, why not start meditating immediately!

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