Brief Conversations, And Energy Work Done By A Spirit

by Jennifer
(Orange County, CA)

The first time I heard this voice was about a month ago as I was just about to fall asleep, I heard this male voice whisper, "This is her". My eyes shot open and I was very confused at what that meant.

I felt like one being was pointing me out to another being. I've seen all kinds of things when I'm etheric projecting (which is not done by choice, it just happens to me), but I've never heard any voices, ever.

For this next instance with hearing that voice, I need to explain where I'm at in my life. I'm 27 years old...I'm learning energy work, high self resonance therapy and I'm a 2nd degree reiki practitioner about to take the master/teacher class.

We briefly talked about sacred geometrics in class the other day, and how you can have different shapes in your energy field that are useless/old thought forms, or patterns in your life and how to remove them. I'm not too familiar with it all yet.

So, the other day, I was completely exhausted - truly lethargic from anatomy midterms, ans I couldn't keep my eyes open. So as I went to take a nap, I'm falling asleep and I hear that voice again say, "Hi." and I said, "Hi."

I was in and out of sleep so I don't remember my full conversation, but I could feel my crown open up and I could feel something going on energetically in my head. Well, I could physically feel it too. I asked, what are you doing?

And he said, "I'm removing shapes."

So that's when I knew he was doing energy work. I figured it was sacred geometrics. It got very intense, and I got scared so I commanded him to stop, so he did.

I drew a reiki symbol on my stomach and called in the Divine masters to help me, and immediately I felt another presence and then I heard another voice. These two were having a conversation! The new one said to continue what he was doing to me, but told him how to do whatever he was doing to my head gently so it wasn't intense.

Then I kept hearing them continue to talk as I'm falling in and out of sleep. Then I passed out completely. I woke up later and my head felt like it had some pressure on it. What in the world did they do to me?

And did the first one purposely come to me at a vulnerable (lethargic) state where in my normal full energy waking state, I wouldn't be so calm about hearing voices?

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May 08, 2011
Bried conversations, And Energy Work Done by A Spirit
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Jennifer,

With earth's ascension and the higher energies moving in, many are being awakened.

Light workers are especially affected. Our extra sensory abilities are being opened and expanded through our auras. If you could not hear voices before, now you are able. The work the spiritual healers are doing on you is to prepare you for the New World. Do not be frightened. Fear only attracts negative vibrations.

I say this from experience and I know of the pain you are feeling in your crown chakra. Just go with the flow. Relax and let them do their work and if it is too intense, just tell them, as you did, to lighten up.

Sending healing vibrations,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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