Can Certain Environments Affect
How a Pendulum Works?

by Mexy

Hello Tanya,

I purchased my first pendulum about a week ago, a rose quartz with chakra chain. I was looking around in the store trying to take my mind off a rather nasty fight I just had with my best friend, when I noticed it. I wasn't going to buy it, but it must have sensed my distress and practically screamed at me to please take it home, so I did.

Since then, I'm becoming used to working with it. I understand it will take some time before I'm an expert, but I've no problem with that. Your site has also been great in helping me learn. :)

Today I brought it to work with me for the first time - my workplace is full of stress and drama during the day, so I recently switched to evenings to get away from it. Since then, I'm doing much better and it shows - I took my pendulum with me on my breaks and found a quiet spot where I could work with it undisturbed.

I could not get any kind of straight answer from it at all - every question I asked, it responded by circling or shaking. I was getting frustrated, but instead I took a deep breath and asked if maybe I was affecting it. The pendulum said no. I asked if it was the new environment - it said yes. After a few more questions, I learned that the pendulum did not want to work with me until I was back home.

Can certain environments have an adverse effect on how a pendulum works? I'm thinking maybe it picked up vibrations in the building which may have had a very negative effect on it.

Should I leave it home from now on?

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Aug 09, 2012
Can Certain Environments Affect
How a Pendulum Works?

by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hi Mexy,

You have a asked a very good question, and I have thought about it. I usually don't use my pendulum in stressful or crowded endvironments, because it is difficult for me to receive messages from such an environment

The pendulum responds to your vibrations and without realizing it, you are picking up the vibrations around you which in turn will affect your pendulum.

You have to be very calm and your mind quiet in order to receive the responses that you need. You cannot be bothered by anything when you work with your pendulum. For that reason I have often told others to meditate before using their pendulum and to work where it is quiet with no one interfering.

Sending light and love,

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