Can My Pendulum Predict The Future?

by KStarr

Is it possible to use a pendulum to find out what is to happen in the future?

I have tried a few times. Questions like, "Is my boyfriend going to text within 10mins, 20mins, 30mins," etc and a fair amount of the time its right sometimes its wrong.

I know paths and situations change through the smallest things, however am I using my pendulum correctly?

After all, it is made with 3 crystals, amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz, so is it possible to link into psychic readings?

Also, I did an angel meditation exercise and had a vision I was to marry my boyfriend. So day after day, I have asked my pendulum if this is true and every time it says "yes". Is this really posible its giving me a psychic prediction or is it my consious mind or unconsious mind just making the answers up?

Would love a reply.
Thank You

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Jan 09, 2012
Can My Pendulum Predict The Future?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello KStar.

The pendulum is not used to predict the future. However, there are certain situations, people, etc. that are pre-arranged before you return to earth each time. If it is in the Akashic records that you are to marry a certain person, you will receive a positive answer from your pendulum.

To ask question such as, "Am I going to receive a text or e-mail at 2 pm tomorrow?" is a foolish question for your pendulum. Use it for more serious questions concerning your life or even those involved in your life, (if it will answer such questions - ask if it will). Once you learn to quiet your mind and to trust the answers, you will receive the answers that you need.

Once you receive your answer, you need to trust and have faith in the answers from your pendulum, for the answers come from the spiritual level which is where your Higher Self communicates.

Your Higher Self knows all the answers concerning your life. To access this information, a pendulum is often used. You can also practice meditation which will clear your mind so as you can receive the answers directly.

I suggest you stop obsessing with asking your pendulum the same questions, once you have your answer, trust it. It is not a toy nor a game. Respect it and you will enjoy using it for rest of your life.

Sending light and love,

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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