Can Stress Cause Hives?

Can stress cause hives?

My first reaction to that question is that hives most probably could cause stress.


When you have swollen red or pink bumps, patches or welts on your skin that suddenly appear and itch like crazy, it will most definitely give you cause for concern and in some cases cause stress.

These welts can appear in varying shapes and sizes, from a few millimeters to several inches in diameter anywhere on the body, will disappear and then suddenly appear elsewhere.

Hives are more common in women than in men, and have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one place and reappearing in another.

Cause Of Hives

Hives are formed when a chemical known as histamine is released by mast cells causing blood vessels to leak fluid into nearby tissues which causes swelling resulting from leakage of the capillary – the smallest – blood vessels.

Can stress cause hives?

Hives could be caused by

  • allergies to medications and foods, or
  • direct physical stimulation such as temperature extremes from water, sun and physical exercise
  • Viral infections can also cause an outbreak of hives.
  • Stress and nervousness are associated with hives.

On the other hand, I know when I am stressed, my hands start itching and little red bumps suddenly appear on my fingers. As soon as I make a conscious effort at relaxing, the bumps disappear.

My Recommendations Concerning,
Can Stress Cause Hives?

If you are feeling stressed and you feel that it is causing hives, there are great herbal remedies such as

You need to strengthen your immune system and I recommend using natural herbs, such as I.M.S.-W from Pure Herbs in the US. If you would like to order this herbal combination, you can contact me.

This herbal combination helps to prevent and correct a wide variety of infections and neutralizes and eliminates poisons from bacteria, viruses and fungus. It contains:

Juniper Berries, Marshmallow, Mullein, Sweet Root, Carpenter’s Square, Black Cohosh, Sarsaparilla and Una de Gato

There are also other herbal combinations from Pure Herbs to help your immune system, and reduce stress symptoms. Find out what they are at herbs for stress,

1. Antioxidant, 2. Bilberry, 3. B-W, 4. B.& N.C.-W, 5. E.T.I.-W, 6. Formula #3, 7. H.T. Combination, 8. Lapacho, 9. S.I.-W, 10. Sutherlandia Combination and 11. Una de Gato, 12. Wild Cherry Bark Special

  Do not self medicate with any of these herbal products as they are very strong and may cause an adverse reaction if you are taking other medications.

Please contact me to order and to test which herbal combination your body needs.

After reading this page, do you have the answer to your question, "can stress cause hives?"

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