How to Heal Your Body with These Very Powerful Cancer Fighting Herbs

There are excellent cancer fighting herbs plus herbs for other conditions made by Pure Herbs, whose products I have been using for myself and my clients' physical, emotional and mental well-being for many years.

Cancer Fighting HerbsMedicinal Herbs

I believe in the power of these healing herbal products which are 100% natural liquid combinations that will help to revitalize and destroy specific illness, diseases and cancer cells that are malignant in the body.

Besides taking herbs for cancer to combat the cancer virus, do not forget the power of healthy foods.

Read my list of cancer fighting foods and also emotional and spiritual cleansing which is important in fighting cancer and other illnesses.

Also go and listen to Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Gonzalez who uses alternative therapies for curing cancer at alternative cancer treatments. You don't necessarily have to have chemotherapy and radiation which is very toxic for your body and may lead to death in many the research.

Client with Cancer in her Colon and Rectum 

For example, I was treating a client who had cancer in her colon and rectum and had to wear a colostomy bag. After about 20 healing therapy sessions, she went to her doctor for a routine check, and he was amazed.

She was taking Red Clover Blended. Her colon and rectum had healed and he told her that she no longer needed the colostomy pouch. So she had an operation to remove the pouch. Needless to say she was over-joyed. She thought that she would have to wear the bag for the rest of her life.

Take a Healing Past Life or Spiritual Counseling session with me at contact me.

These four main cancer fighting herbs are natural remedies that are taken for most cancers:

  1. Lapacho

is also known as Pau d'Arco, Taheebo, Ipe Roxo and Tecoma. The Lapacho tree, of which the inner bark is used, comes from the South American jungles.

South American doctors proclaim nothing short of miracles for quick relief of pain from cancers of all types. They also proclaim that Lapacho is a cure for cancer, even within one month in many cases. Dr. Frederick Koch from Detroit, Michigan used quinine substances from the tree bark with astonishing results before going to South America to continue his practice

 Lapacho has 16 quinines of which Dr. Koch used only one which he describes as oxidizing or burning up the encapsulated pockets of stagnant cancer-causing problems.

Lapacho is not only used to fight cancer, medical doctors have used it to cure:
anemia, leukemia, cancer of all types, lupus, inflammation of the reproductive organs, Hodgkin's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, colitis, arteriosclerosis, gastric problems, cystitis, hemorrhages, prostate inflammation, polyps, psoriasis and eczema.


2. Red Clover Blended

is another excellent cancer fighting herb known as Jason Winter's Tea contains Greasewood, Red Clover and Buchu.

It is used for cancer tumors and degenerative disorders. This combination was created by American herbalist Jason Winter who cured himself of cancer and thus many others have used this combination and claim its effectiveness. This combination is known to clean the blood, bone marrow and in addition, helps to dissolve tumors.It's makes it difficult for malignant cells to survive in the body.

Grease wood has been used by American Indians to dissolve cancers. Red Clover has been used by northern south American Indians for counteracting lymphatic disorders, and skin diseases and as an antidote for cancer.

Buchu is rich in potassium and facilitates the removal of irritating poisonous wastes from the blood and lymph through the kidneys.

 3. Sutherlandia Combination

contains Sutherlandia, Virginia Snake Root, Casgara Sagrada and Bee Pollen. It comes from a plant in the deserts of S. Africa known as the "Cancer Bush".

This one of the cancer fighting herbs that improves the workings of the immune system (bone marrow, thymus gland, liver, lymph nodes, spleen and other parts of the body). It assists the body to root out and destroy viruses wherever they reside.

When body cells are weakened by poor diet, poor bowel functions, harmful medications, emotional upsets, overwork and other types of stress, disease organisms such as viruses move in and take over the machinery of a living body cell, perverts it and makes poisons. The virus (cancer) makes that body cell sick, then multiplies itself inside the infected cell and then those offspring go off to invade other cells and so on. This goes on until disaster results. Sutherlandia reverses this destructive process.

The damage cause by viruses and their poisons can be unraveled and corrected by Sutherlandia Combination. The Virginia Snakeroot is a poison antidote, the Casgara Sagrada ensures you to have regular bowel movements to eliminate the poisons that are being cleaned out by Sutherlandia.

The Bee Pollen provides rich protein, to the white blood cells in the bone marrow and those in the lymph nodes as well as the interferon made by the liver, that they all need to fight the viruses. That's why Sutherlandia Combination is one of the best cancer fighting herbs.

 4. Una de Gato

known as Cat's Claw inner Bark and Cat's Claw Bark. Besides being used to fight cancer, it is also used for:

  • arthritis,
  • rheumatism,
  • gastritis,
  • irregularities of the female system and
  • potent immune system builder.

It is known for its anti-viral properties, tumor-dissolving properties and its effect on cellular regeneration and cardiovascular repair. It is the bark of 2 plant species from the jungles South America - Unicaria Quianensis and Unicaria Tometosa.

A strong immune system is essential to reverse the effects and prevention of any kind of disease. Hence a wide range of disorders are reported to be corrected by the use of Una de Gato in Peru and Europe.

Very well documented South American medical information shows the Una de Gato as miraculous in combating cancer, even in advanced stages, where as much as 10% of body cells are in a state of metastasis. Because of its reputation Una de Gato has earned for itself, no immune problem of cancer is regarded in Peru as "incurable".

Do Not Self-Medicate Using
These Cancer Fighting Herbs

These cancer fighting herbs are very potent and I do not recommend self medication with their use. Either consult me, a herbalist, or a doctor who practices alternative medicine or someone who is knowledgeable with herbs.

I have been using herbs and their combinations from Pure Herbs for years for cleansing, natural supplements, and any type of ailment I have had. I also use their supplements such as Formula 11 for nourishing and healing bones, muscles and cartilage and Black Walnut for cleansing parasites for my animals and myself.

I believe in the amazing healing powers of herbs and so have become a distributor for Pure Herbs in the US and Les Herbes Pures in Canada, their sister company.

Before I recommend any herbs, I always try and see which herbs are beneficial for you.

You can contact me for:

  • more information about these cancer fighting herbs
  • a test for using the right herbs for your body
  • making an order.

I will constantly be updating this page with more cancer fighting herbs recommended for specific cancers.

Alternative Medicine for Cancer Treatments

Here is Kelley Eidem's short recipe to cure cancer according to some users.

(1) Freshly grate one Habaneros pepper each day and put it on bread, some say Ezekiel bread is the best (persons unable to tolerate peppers can substitute freshly grated raw ginger, not from a jar.)

(2) Freshly grate two cloves of garlic each day and put them on bread (since the "potent active ingredients from the peppers and the garlic disperse quickly... they must be grated each day, and eaten immediately". The bread used by Eidem was high quality Ezekiel sprouted bread (possibly found in the freezer section of health food stores).

(3) Take 1-2 tablespoons of emulsified cod liver oil [or in certain cases evening primrose oil, see further details below] each day.

(4) Smother the grated garlic and Habaneros peppers with real butter and eat it. No margarines of any type.

The use of both hot peppers (which contain capsaicin) and garlic as well as ginger is actually backed up by "mainstream" scientific research as all of these have been found to have anti-cancer activity, see for instance the article "How spicy foods can kill cancers" found at and "Pepper Component Hot Enough To Trigger Suicide In Prostate Cancer Cells" published at

More details and/or studies quoted at Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and Ginger and turmeric fight cancer.

Healing Cancer Naturally

  • Find out how Rick Simpson cured his cancer with Hemp Oil at Rick Simpson. Cancer Defeated Publications

    • Here is an interesting website that writes about an alternative treatment cure for cancer that involves a vaccine.

    • Read about Envita’s AAIT Powerful Natural Killer Vaccine for Cancer.

    • Also read Dr. Ralph Moss' up-to-date reports on various conventional and non-conventional treatments for specific cancers at The Moss Reports. Once you register for his reports, you can also book a telephone session with him for information regarding your specific cancer.

    • Read about or watch this amazing movie regarding how the FDA tried to shut down a Polish doctor's cancer cure at the Great Cancer Hoax.
  • You can find more information about curing cancer at The Truth About Cancer

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