Is Your Dog Suffering from
Canine Parasites?

If your beloved dog has canine parasites, the most gentle way of healing him or her is by using 100% natural herbs from Pure Herbs.

I stopped using the worm injection or pills that veterinarians recommend because I noticed that my dogs were sick for days. I did not like to see them suffering needlessly, so I decided to give them herbs similar to the ones  that I use, but specifically to eliminate parasites. The herbs did not cause any harmful symptoms in my dogs so I continue to use them to this day.

Tanya and her dogs.

Since the herbs are made from plants and dogs eat specific plants during certain times of the years, I decided that using a natural parasite cleansing  would be beneficial for them. Besides there are no toxic chemicals in the herbal remedy.

Natural Supplements for Canine Parasites

Here is a list of problems in your canine with the herbal antidote:

  • Fleas and ticks: Garlic
  • Heart Worms: for host use Chippewa Pine/Chuchuhuasi, eggs HT Combination
  • Hook Worms: Wormseed
  • Hip Dysphasia: All Cell Salts, Black Walnut Meats, Chippewa Pine and Ol'Number 11
  • Lice: Oil of Cajeput, externally
  • Muscle Spasms and shaking: Scullcap
  • Nails, skin and coat: H.N.S.-W
  • Pin Worms: Mayapple, Pumpkin Seed
  • Poison Antidote: P.A.-K
  • Repair Bone, Cartilage, Nerves and Tissue: Blk Currant, Chuchuhuasi, Meadowsweet, Nettle, Rosemary, Sunflower Seeds, Una de Gato, Yucca, A.-W, Ol' Number 11
  • Round and Tape Worms: Black Walnut, Blue Vervain, Mugwort, Parsley, Thyme, Wormseed

Since I have been using herbs and herb combination for years with no after effects, I highly recommend them for both you and your animals.

I work as a distributor for both Pure Herbs in the US and Herbes Pures in Canada.

Some Common Canine Parasites

There is the Toxocara Worm which is an intestinal roundworm found in puppies and kittens. In animals the larvae (eggs) complete their cycle by passing from the lungs into the trachea. their are coughed up and re swallowed where they will mature in the intestines. Symptoms are fever, joint and muscle pains, vomiting.

Antidote: W.-W

Dog Heart worm is a tiny blood and tissue dwelling roundworm. It lives in the heart, blood vessels and the lungs causing cough and chest pain. It is transmitted through mosquito bites.

Antidote:  3 parts Pine Oil with 3 parts Wintergreen Oil. Take 3 drops 3 times daily on apple juice or W.-W.

Trichinosis is a tiny roundworm that can infect any meat eating animal, humans included. The animal becomes infected through eating the  larval cyst of an infected animal, usually a pig. The worm matures, and mates in the intestinal area and produces a huge number of small worms which branch out from the intestines into blood vessels, causing a swelling of tissues especially in the muscles where they form cysts which eventually calcify and harden.

Antidote: 3 drops of Wintergreen Oil in 1 teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses 2 times daily for 3 months. After 3 months, take Magnesium Magnesium Oxide tablets - 3 tabs 2 times daily for 3 weeks.

You can contact me for more information and to order.

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