Capital Punishment

by Shay

One the morning I pondered on this topic as I was hearing about a possible execution of a Mentally Ill man in Texas. So, I decided to bring up this topic to Father God and to get His point of view on this controversial topic.

Personally, I was expecting a "good" or "bad" idea answer, but this wasn't what I was given. These are written from my recorded message and the wisdom that I was given by Father God, so I would like to share this today with you.

This conversation took place on December 1, 2014. Thank you for sharing this and I pray it will give all of us another way of looking at this topic one day in our societies. Below is our conversation. Father God's wisdom I received is in Parenthesis.



This morning as I was driving to work I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the death penalty. I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on the death penalty.

"My Dear, dear child you are asking me about the laws of the land. The laws of the land are very different from the laws of my creation. The laws of my creation is to treat each being humanely and with love only. The laws of the land is not to persecute someone, but also to prevent this person from doing such harm again. And for this reason they execute the people who are in the harms way of repeating such offenses again. Execution means stopping the body of the human being from living in order to prevent any further injustice on your planet. Execution of a person does not mean cindering the soul of a person. When you execute someone, they cease to be in physical body but what they are lacking knowing that this spirit is forever and eternally on earth for the spirit does not flow in the events of what is natural for it to do. When you execute someone, this spirit is forever bound on your earth. When the spirit is forever bound on your earth, it only amplifies further mass destruction. When a Spirit is put down by people than the spirit is not free to be. For this reason, I would not want anyone executed for the spirit will not be following the natural order of death. Natural order of death means to die alone with your own self, but with witness' and when the witness' are around you, that means it was a full lived life.

I understand the reasons behind the laws of the land that the people of your universe is setting, but as I said, when a human is executed the spirit of that being is not received by my laws. And for this reason, this spirit has become stuck on a physical level for they do not want to leave the physical earth plane, but they are also not crossing to this side of our existence.

For this reason it is advisable and best to allow a spirit to live out it's natural form of life and to die in peace alone. For this reason execution is not a solution to ridding evil because you cannot rid of evil by committing the further offence of being evil. When someone does something so bad on your planet, than this person should be executed eventually, but it should be done by own my courts here in Heaven. When I say executed, I mean that the person will be judged in accordance with the destruction they committed and therefor proper procedures will be followed in order for this soul to extinguish itself."

I understand Father God, so it is not to say the Laws of the Land are wrong, but it is just not proper way of going about it.

"Yes, my dear child. This is exactly what I mean. The laws of the land are to be followed, however, when it comes to extinguishing a spirit from your earth it should be done properly and eventually it will be dealt with by our own courts and ways. When people take on justice such as this in their own hand, it is not the proper way of taking care of such measures in order to eliminate such things further. When people are executed by other people, that soul will be stuck on your plane."

So, what happens when that soul is stuck or stays on this plane?

"When a soul stays behind there on earth, it has the potential to multiply by itself or divide itself among the energy level of the people who are vulnerable to negativity, and therefor this negative energy will multiply in its own way by effecting the energies around it. For this reason death penalty is not recommended for it doesn't serve any greater or higher purpose. You don't want to further re-infest the negativity of such beings' presence. The laws of your land was set by your ancestors, but the laws of the land can and will be changed by people's own cognizance eventually when these spirits eliminate themselves. That is the natural way of eliminating negativity."

Father God, thank you for that view that you provided me. Your view was interesting.

"My dear child, you are to think of more positive ways of interacting with me. Don't focus on negativity, for negativity multiplies itself also. The laws of the land on your earth can be re-written by its people when the time is right for it to be re-written. For this reason, when you question the laws of the is not the laws of the universe. The laws of the land are only serving humans on earth, the laws of the land were written by people and they will be extinguished by people also. The laws of the Universe were written by myself and they serve a greater purpose for your civilization than the laws of the land. The laws of the land will end with the laws of the people who have written these laws for they are only temporary, as you also see this in your societies."

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Capital Punishment
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you Shay.

You have given us much food for thought through your conversation with God.

Sending light and love,

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