Cat Transported?

by Viv

Hi Tanya,

After I wrote to you about the voice near the keypad, it was either before this happened or after, I can't remember, but my mother woke up to see a man at the end of her bed wearing a suit, but she said his face was like a waterfall.

Not too long ago, she awakened and saw a hand on her bedside that reached up to the elbow and had circles embedded in the arm. Not like tattoos she said, but kind of embedded and the skin was darker than our skin (white). She said it looked like the old boys arm.

I am wondering what you will think of this one: My cat is over 17 yrs. old and a year ago was diagnosed with vestibular disease which is an imbalance of fluids in the ear. She has been going downhill and I had her tested for sugar, liver, kidney and thyroid. Everything came back ok but I think it may be cancer because she has dropped her weight down from 7 - 7 1/2 lbs. to 4.12 lbs. It's probably even less now, although she still has an interest in eating, but not so much and I think she won't last that much longer. I am telling you about her because this incident pertains to her. She developed a phobia about me going near her after I brought her to the vet twice in one week. She hides behind the couch most of the time but came out several times if my mother was there (It was like her mommy). If she sees me, she will move to get away from me.

Before I left the family room last night- around 9:30, I put out her food and announced it to her. I then went into my room and played with the computer and shut the light off at 11:30.

I was awakened sometime later by what I thought was something near my closet making noise. It disturbed me and I put on my light and wondered what it was and it creeped me out somewhat. I tried to sleep, but decided to get up. I noticed that my cat was behind the sofa. In the middle of the night, I awoke again for no reason. Both the times I awakened, I thought it was odd - I was in a good sleep.

This morning, after having my coffee, Mom laughed a little and said I left "Lil" on the porch. She heard a meow and then she opened the sun porch door. I told her I most definitely did not do that. My cat thinks of me now as someone who wants to put her in a cat carrier twice a week and hasn't wanted to associate with me for some time. Her personality has changed with her illness.

We have a security system. Even if a spook would have opened the door, the alarm system would have gone off.

Tanya, I know for a fact, I did not let her out. I wouldn't dream of picking her up because she's probably under 4 lbs. now and she doesn't seem to want to interact with me.

Have you any feelings on this on how she may have gotten out on the sun porch? Was it some kind of entity that put her on the porch?

Thanks for your help!

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Jun 26, 2013
Beloved Cat
by: Anonymous

Sometimes we invest so much of human emotions in our cats that it is difficult for us and for the creatures to deal with them. If your cat is 17 years old, he/she has the right to be old and with that comes many of old age symptoms and sometimes the break down of the bodily ways.

Maybe your cat is putting a small distance between you and her, because you are too emotionally attached to him/her and this is her/his way of disconnecting slowly from the world. Your mother is probably more okay with this so she /he is more comfortable with her.

Pay attention to the transfer of our feelings to others.

Take care and I wish well for all of you. Let be and find peace within you.


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