Cat's Cry Sound at Time of Death

by Gary

One evening (early '80's?) I had dinner at my in-laws in CT.

He was all Italian, most of family on Long Island NY. I was sitting/talking after dinner across from both my mother and father in-law and I see them both suddenly turn their heads toward each other like startled, then look at me and say "Did you hear that?"...I heard nothing.

They explained that whenever a relative dies they hear what sounds like a cat's cry. Then they said, you wait, the phone will ring in 5 minutes with someone saying a relative died...and it did, just like they said.

Sometime around 2012 my daughter heard the sound and frantically called family members...I could not understand why she could not connect the sound to a death. Next day she gets a call. Her dog, a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog, which had cancer died at the moment she heard the noise (it was being cared for by someone who had the means).

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