Do You Know Your
Cause Of Anger?

cause-of-angerAngry at Everything

Are you aware of the cause of anger, you may be carrying deep within yourself? Do you know that you are angry and why?

Are you attracting people who seem to always be angry?

If others are avoiding you, it`s time to examine your behavior and to find out if you have anger issues. It could be developed from childhood.

These are questions that everyone needs to address because we are all carrying anger at some level of our being. In most cases it is very well hidden as in repressed anger.

There's Not Just One Cause of Anger

From the cognitive behavioral approach, anger is related to several factors:

  • behavior that is learned from others,
  • past experiences,
  • genetic disposition
  • lack of problem solving skills.

On other words, what causes emotions goes back to our childhood.

When a child’s needs of love and security are threatened by a dysfunctional family, whose behavioral patterns consist of physical, mental, psychological or sexual abuse, anger problems are prevalent in adult life.

Also anger can be learned from parents who lack problem-solving skills. The cause of anger can result from not getting what he/she wants.

In other words, angry people have certain perceptions and expectations and when their reality does not meet their expectations, it makes them angry.

And as you know, anger is one of the most deadly emotions.

It is important to observe your behavior with others as the anger within you will only surface in relationships with others.

You've often heard the expression,

"You make me angry."

This expression reveals that someone else is triggering the anger within the one making the statement. You can read more about anger triggers.

You may have even said it yourself. I know I did when I was not aware of my behavior.

If a person gets angry for one reason or another, the anger is within and the other person's behavior is triggering your anger.

Looking Within Yourself

Toxic childhood Memories

So the cause of anger is usually forgotten. Many things happen in your life time, especially incidences during your childhood.

Our early childhood training affects us for the rest of our lives.

If you were in a family situation where you heard angry voices daily, you learn that type of behavior and eventually repeat that behavior as an adult.

Once you realize that you are repeating negative behavior that you learned as a child from your parents, it is important to release that negative learned behavior as it is not yours, and to forgive your parents or care givers for their behavior.

It is also important to forgive yourself and then release it.

Forgiveness And Releasing Anger Is Important

I have a technique that is successful in releasing anger. If you want to find more information, go to releasing anger.

The cause of anger could be the result of repeated situations where you felt emotions such as:

  • rejection,
  • insecurity,
  • inadequacy,
  • fear,

which could have resulted from adults who harassed, manipulated, and criticized you repeatedly.

Your anger could also be hiding your underlying feelings of guilt and vulnerability.

Most children (not all of them) who were raised back in the 40's and 50's were not allowed to talk back to their elders, nor were they allowed to have an opinion. The motto for children back then was 'better to be seen than heard'. If a child misbehaved, there was severe punishment.

That type of child rearing does not exist today. But, there are many adults walking around raised in that fashion who have many physical and behavioral problems, of which anger is the underlying cause.

Anger Developed from Childhood

Angry Mother

In my opinion, anger is the underlying cause of many diseases - mental and physical. The children raised at that time had to swallow all their painful emotions (both emotional and physical) such as anger, resentment and rejection, plus other negative emotions.

This swallowing of the emotions has led to many chronic problems with the internal organs such the stomach, gall bladder, and liver. For more information on how negative emotions can affect your physical and emotional health, read  how depression is caused by repressed anger. The body is not built to retain all those toxic emotions and function properly. Anger is especially toxic, it kills.

In order to find the exact cause of anger, you need to go back into your childhood and examine all the situations that were unpleasant, then forgive yourself and those who were abusive towards you and release all the toxic emotions, especially anger.

In some cases, reviewing your childhood is not enough, then it is also important to look for the root cause in one of your past lives.

Once you discover the root cause of your anger, then you are ready to release it.

You can read more information concerning anger at the following links in the 3rd column at right.

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