Some Possible Causes Of
Chronic Fatigue

The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has confused both doctors and patients.

For more than a century, doctors have reported seeing illnesses similar to it.

 Is this you?

Causes of Chronic FatigueChronic Fatigue

Health experts have suggested other explanations for this baffling illness such as:

  • Iron-poor blood (anemia)- for iron deficiency, take HI.I.-W made by Pure Herbs, this is a natural herbal form of iron
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • take Ashwagandha, Bee Pollen from Pure Herbs

  • Environmental allergy, have to cleanse your liver with L.G.-W from Pure Herbs

A body wide yeast infection (candidiasis), take Sutherlandia, or B.P.-W from Pure Herbs

Typically CFS follows a viral infection (e.g. cold or viral stomach bug), and is sometimes found after mononucleosis infections.

Non-specific symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion, and aches make CFS difficult to diagnose and similar to other conditions such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease (among others).

CFS and fibromyalgia share many common characteristics, and may be misdiagnosed as each other, and either condition is often misdiagnosed as depression.

Dr. Scott Rigden conducted a study of over 200 patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and or/fibromyalgia where he found that 80% of all sufferers of these two disorders had significant liver problems. As the patient's symptoms improved, so did the results of liver tests.

His findings indicated a correlation between liver stress and severity of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

I recommend a cleansing of the liver using L.G.-W from Pure Herbs in US is an excellent natural herbal remedy.

It has helped me tremendously for symptoms of my liver problems, and they disappeared within one month after taking about 25 to 30 drops daily. Read about L.G.-W at Les Herbes Pures in Canada. 

You may experience some effects of the cleansing for the first few days

I also recommend taking All Cell Salts from Pure Herbs which will replace minerals the body needs and which can be causing fatigue, and also IM.S.-W to cleanse and replenish your immune system.

You can find out more information, plus place an order by contacting me.

Causes of Chronic Fatigue Are
Attributed To Many Factors

New studies have confirmed the idea that there is no single factor responsible for CFS but that it is caused by a combination of many different factors including:

These are all considered possible causes of the disorder.

Doctors used to think that the persistent tiredness was once attributed to Epstein-Barr chronic fatigue virus (this virus is responsible for mononucleosis), but the link remains scientifically unproven and is no longer considered a potential cause.

The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome can be associated with many symptoms such as:

sore throat, headaches, sore lymph glands, myalgia, arthritis, insomnia, poor memory, and concentration

To learn more about CFS, go to chronic fatigue syndrome.

For some people, constant fatigue can be initiated by a viral infection, head injury, or stress, read what causes stress or can have no associated trigger.

Also some medications including benzodiazapines, beta-blockers, sedatives, antidepressants, and excessive use of antibiotics can be attributed to causes of chronic fatigue.

CFS mainly affects women and is often misdiagnosed as:

  • depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • fibromyalgia

Gene testing is currently underway to find further medical knowledge about the cause, detection and treatment of CFS. Current therapies offer little relief to symptoms.

Since hormonal imbalances are also considered a possible cause of CFS, recent research has focused on abnormalities in the levels of certain hormones, specifically cortisol (the stress hormone) and the female sex hormones. For balancing female hormones I recommend taking natural herbal combinations such as Maca, Black Cohosh, or P.M.S.-W. Read natural herbs for menopause.

Physical or emotional stress seems to make CFS worse. There are also herbal combinations to reduce stress and anxiety, read herbs for stress.

However, further research is needed to figure out its causes and to better understand this puzzling condition.

My Own Theory Regarding
Causes of Chronic Fatigue

FatigueEven Animals Get Fatigued

I have my own theory regarding causes of CFS.

I believe that the current stress and worry of our daily lives regarding the economy, the failing environment, our health, our jobs and our children have caused enormous effects on our physical bodies.

For many, it is difficult to think only of today when there is so much uncertainty about tomorrow.

I believe that this is the important test for all of us, in spite of the tremendous odds, to work on ourselves and to give our minds and bodies the care and rest that we need.

I also believe that the toxins in our food and environment cause many illnesses in our body, and it is important to do an internal cleansing of our digestive system and also a liver cleansing.

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