What Dark Secrets Are Locked In
Your Cellular Memory?

I will explain what cellular memory is in the simplest of terms. We all have situations which could have been traumatic, even causing death through illness, suicide,  accidents or murder. The emotions from those experiences are in our cellular memory and which manifest in the tissues of our body.

We know through science that each cell in our body stores our DNA which is passed down through the generations of our family ancestors. Just as our cells store DNA, all the events, including accidents and deaths which have affected all other levels of our being are also stored in our mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being.

With that said, everything that you have done in this lifetime and in past lifetimes is recorded in each of the tissues and cells of your body.

Chronic pain, illness, or recurring toxic situation or relationship is triggered by these toxic emotions locked in your cellular memory.

With my special gift, I help you to release those toxic blocked emotions from your physical body through my ability of feeling your vibrations and knowing what happened to you to cause your suffering.

 Traumatic Situations are Kept In Cellular Memory

Traumatic incidents may have happened in your childhood that you have totally forgotten – accidents, falls, breaking or spraining of limbs, loud quarrels between parents, losing family pets - these are a few situations that could have been traumatic at the time which left an emotional and/or physical imprint on your cells.

Here is a simple example to explain what I have said. I sprained my left ankle a couple of years ago and could not get rid of the pain, it kept recurring for months.

Only through working with my spiritual mentor, I discovered that I had a skating accident as a young child when I was about 4 years old where I sprained that same ankle. Actually, I was pushed backwards by a young boy who was skating out of control.

The Effect Of Blocked Emotions

My emotions from that bad accident, were locked in that ankle. This is a clear case of cellular memory. My ankle remembered but my mind didn’t. Throughout my life, that ankle was always weak no matter what sport I did  I always favored it

Once I released my emotions, my ankle healed practically immediately and I have not had a problem with it since then.

For someone who has a fear of snakes or even dogs, something traumatic happened that caused an enormous fear. In my neighborhood, young boys were notorious for putting garter snakes inside our blouses; I was a fast runner so I avoided them. In the case of a fear of dogs, perhaps you were bitten by the neighbor’s dog when you were very young and the fear and pain of that incident remains locked in your cellular memory leaving you with a fear of all dogs.

Body Healing Through Energy

These types of memories can be released through body work either by a massage or Reiki Therapist or through distant healing with anyone who works in the energy field as I do.

For more information on this type of healing go to alternative energy healing.

Once you mentally understand what happened and then release the emotions that are stuck, your body heals on it’s own. It’s that simple!

Everyone could use a healing session for their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Just as we tune-up our vehicles on a regular basis, we need to do the same for ourselves.

For an energy healing session, go to spiritual counseling.

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