Are Cleansing Fasts Good For Health And Well-Being?

Is a cleansing fast good for your body? After reading the information here, you can make your own choice.When you are cleansing, drinking several glasses of water daily is necessary.

waterDrink Several Glasses of Water

There are many types of fasts.

They may help to rid the body of cumulative toxins, but it is important to do a colon cleansing once or twice yearly. On the other hand, I believe that fasting gives your gastrointestinal tract a rest.

Many people fast for a day or so, as part of their religious and spiritual practices. Some people fast to "cleanse" their bodies, and others fast as a way to lose weight – quickly.

But, fasting to lose weight can be a hazard to your health.

Read what Dr. Oz says about the "fast diet", Is the fast Diet Safe?

Here's a very simple fast to give your digestive system a break, make your last meal at 6 pm. Make it light, for example such as a soup and salad. You will have at least a 12 hour break until your next meal which will be breakfast. I have tried it a few times and I find that I not only sleep better, but I feel great the next day.

Actually, tt is better for your digestive system and body to have your heaviest meal at lunch and you have the rest of the day to work it off.

Types Of Cleansing Fasts

Water Fast:

  • This involves water, but no food.

Many patients are instructed to do this, up to 24 hours prior to surgery, in order to keep their digestive tracts clear, so there won’t be complications when they’re under anesthesia.

But, if you plan to continue this as a cleansing fast, I recommend that you speak to your health care practitioner first to rule out any medical complications.

green-drinkGreen Drink is Good for Cleansing Fast

Fruit Juice Fast:

  • Many people use this type of fast as a cleansing fast, and so it has become very popular. They usually focus on organic fruit juices. But people can also include vegetables — either raw or cooked in soups. Either way, they’re consuming few calories.

Master Cleanse Fast:

  • Many people use this fast as a cleansing fast, also to lose weight. This is basically a water fast with a little bit of sugar (maple syrup) to give a slight energy boost. Dieters are supposed to adhere to this fast for a minimum of 10 days. Every day, they drink six to 12 cups of this sweetened concoction for total calories somewhere between 650 and 1,300 per day.

The ingredients are:

  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (8 calories)
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup (100 calories)
  • pinch of cayenne pepper (0 cal)
  • 1 cup water (0 cal)

A cleansing fast also permits your body's system to turn its energies away from continuous processing of food to cleansing which is does naturally through your kidneys, liver, skin and lungs.

A cleansing fast can last from a one-day-fast to three days and even up to ten days, but before you begin any fast lasting more than a day you need to ask yourself this question.

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Is Fasting Healthy?

  • fasting for several days (assuming your fluid intake is sufficient) is not harmful, but there’s no evidence supporting its benefits.
  • fasts lasting for more than a week, even with some minimal amount of calories, can damage your health.
  • your body needs protein. If you don’t eat protein, your body starts to break down your muscle (which is protein) in order to get the necessary amino acids (the building blocks of protein).
  • if you lack protein, a long-lasting fast can damage your heart, as well as your liver and kidneys, which can decrease in size. Insufficient protein will also impair their functions.

Many people who are trying to "cleanse" their bodies, will also use colonics, or enemas, which can be risky to your health, because they can alter your body’s overall salt and water balance. This is also true for herbal tea laxatives.

Water Intake Is Necessary During
A Cleansing Fast

cleansing-with-waterWater Cleansing

If you don’t eat and you drink a lot of water, you will urinate frequently. And if you eat few carbohydrates, you’ll also further increase water loss.

But this won’t help you lose weight. You’re only depleting your body of fluids, which may make it seem like you’re actually losing weight. Dehydrating your body can be dangerous.

When you eat few calories, you will lose weight quickly, but that doesn’t mean you will keep it off. As the saying goes: easy off; easy on.

The Choice Is Yours

If you still decide that you want to try a cleansing fast, the easiest fast is a daily fast lasting up to 14 hours. This means that your last meal of the day is at 5 pm and you have breakfast at 7 or 8 am the following morning.

This allows plenty of time for the digestive tract to empty itself, rest and restore itself in order to function well the following day. The natural time for doing a body cleansing fast is during the night when our body tends to slow down and rest.

Unhealthy Eating Patterns

If you are in the habit of having late dinners followed with late-night TV snacks, and rising early in the morning with a heavy breakfast, you are disrespecting your body.

You are forcing your digestive tract to start a new day’s work after having gone through a labored night shift.

With this pattern of eating, you are gradually accumulating internal pollution which dulls your sense of vitality and alertness. In effect, you are setting the stage for a wide variety of illnesses.

Internal Cleansing Is Also Important

If you have not as yet done an internal cleansing, it is so important to do so. It is good to follow a cleansing routine for your body every 6 months or so. Here is a good maintenance program using 100% natural herbal drops. Read about it at colon cleansing herbs.

We clean our living spaces and change the oil in our vehicles regularly, but we forget a very life-important habit - cleansing your body. We tend to take our body for granted.

Relaxing in a natural mineral salt bath is very good for releasing negative toxins from your muscles. Check out the natural products by clicking on the banner at Solay Wellness below.

Learning To Respect Your Body Is Important

In any case, your breakfast should not be heavy. Your digestive system and metabolism is not geared for assimilating food very early in the morning. Your body is still going through the cleansing process and overburdening it with food is not healthy.

I realize that each person's needs are different. If you have no appetite in the morning, then don’t eat. A large glass of orange juice or a cup of hot milk is sufficient. A light breakfast is all you need.

Then if you have a heavy lunch, eat a light supper preferably by 6 pm to allow your digestive system to break down the food and to rest for fourteen hours for this fast.

Understanding Your Body's Needs

When you plan your meals with an understanding of the mechanics of your digestive system, it is necessary to be aware of your own capacity and limitations.

Once you become aware of your body's needs, then you can provide your nutritional needs and still allow your body enough time for the processes of elimination. When you follow this system, you will have the necessary strength, stamina and health along with a sense of clarity and alertness.

Another body cleansing fast is the juice fast which I will explain in another segment. You can find more information about nutrition and fasting by Rudolph Ballentine in his book "Diet and Nutrition. For more information, click on the book banner.

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