How I Found Out About
Spiritual Cleansing

After losing three of the most important people in my life, spiritual cleansing has become a necessary part of my daily life.

It is a process whereby I release all the negative emotions, thoughts, patterns and beliefs that I have carried all of my life, and which are negatively affecting me today.

Harboring negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs can cause illness and dis-ease in the physical body.

I am also doing cellular memory release on myself. These are the symptoms I feel when another release is coming up.

  • cannot eat, or am extremely hungry and then feel nauseous
  • sudden headaches
  • do not feel like myself
  • have trouble sleeping
  • sudden anger over small details
  • foggy thinking
  • forgetful
  • feeling sickly

These symptoms can be similar to ascension symptoms. Fortunately, due to my ability of communicating in the spiritual realm (hearing voices) I have the help of my present spiritual guide who tells me what past life experience and emotions I need to release.

Through my ability of hearing voices and communicating with God and my spiritual guides, I have received so much information about my life's purpose and what I needed to do to attain spiritual health and happiness. All the information I have received, I am passing onto others.

Spiritual cleansing is very important work because you need to remember: "You are the most important person in your life, and you need to take responsibility of yourself." You cannot put your health in anyone else' hands.

Besides clearing out toxic emotions that are embedded in the cells of your body which you can do by using my cellular memory release technique, you also need to physically detox your body.

Every cell in your body has a receptor for emotions. This means that every tissue, organ, and muscle in your body is carrying emotions of anger, pain, loss, rejection, jealousy and so on. 

It is also beneficial to cleanse your physical body with herbal remedies,

In order to understand how you are carrying emotions that you are not aware of, think about a part of your body where you are experiencing constant pain or a part of your body that you are constantly injuring, perhaps you have a chronic illness, that is where you have blocked emotions.

Now, you are aware of how an overload of negative emotions can affect your physical body!

As you are releasing negative emotions, it is also important to do a body detoxification. Read about my technique for emotional release at letting go of anger. I am sharing this technique with you because everyone has negative emotions, and they stay in your body until you release them.

When you begin to release all the toxic emotions that you feel most of the time such as anger, resentment, jealousy, rejection and so on, you are releasing the emotions that have roots in past life times.

Since you did not deal with them at that time, they are still in your cellular memory and are being  triggered in this life time. We all keep repeating similar situations until we finally understand them and  are ready to let them go.

If you need help with this work, you can contact me at online spiritual counseling for a session, or pay at

I will help you understand and release emotions that are blocked in your cellular memory and causing pain.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to release the toxic emotions from your cellular memory. This is the place where all of your experiences and emotions from your past lives and this life are stored.

Find out about your cellular memory.

My Life's Mission

One of the missions that I have agreed to do in this life time is to clear all of the emotional toxins from many of my life times which I have been doing for several years. This personal work is very important, and it allows me to understand how I can help others.

As I do this work, I understand the process and have experienced how negative emotions affect the physical body. Helping others to do the same is part of my mission in this life time.

Even though you may think that you have already reviewed your childhood and dealt with the main issues that resulted from negative family patterns of behavior, there are still layers of negative emotions that arise. They are deep in the subconscious layer of your being.

I have gone to therapists for years, and have discovered through God's help and spiritual therapy with my guides the root of particular recurring emotions which have caused me physical pain and sickness. This work led to my releasing technique.

Releasing Negative Emotions Is Very
Important For Physical Cleansing

To do this work, imagine peeling an onion, and just as you peel off the layers of the onion, you need to peel off many layers of emotional toxins that have accumulated over the years.

While you do an internal cleanse of your physical body, it is important to cleanse any toxic emotions that you presently are feeling and which are in your cellular memory causing blockages within your body. Blocked emotions appear as chronic pain somewhere in your body such as in your:

  • lower back,
  • neck and shoulders,
  • stomach,
  • liver,
  • bowels and so on.

You may have buried your emotions while suffering from:

If you need help in discovering and releasing these toxic emotions, you can contact me at online spiritual counseling.

Over this life time and other life times, you have built layers and layers of negative emotions and feelings you have forgotten.

The hidden layers of emotions have originated from your past lives. You can read about past lives at discover past lives. Whatever toxic emotions you are carrying into this lifetime, you can be sure they have occurred many times in your past lives. For some of us, it takes many life times to learn our lessons

Talk To God

Before you decide to do any type of clearing and healing work, it is important to pray and to ask for God's help. Here is a discussion I had with Him in a prayer for healing that you can also use when you cleanse your body.

Before you came to earth, you agreed to do specific things during your life time, and it is up to you to discover what they are. During the birthing process many of us have forgotten why we returned to earth once again.


You can only find out what your specific lessons are by going within and through meditation. Find out about spiritual meditation.

Once you start doing this work, you will realize that it is also important to have spiritual protection.

You will know when there is an emotion or incident that has to be released. This can happen anywhere, either when you are at home alone or in another environment. It can occur as an emotional trigger, such as anger. Find out about anger triggers. Sometimes you may suddenly feel very sick to your stomach. That is a signal that you are being triggered.

Negative emotions that need to be released can also register as a nagging pain in your body. Rather than let this pain linger, it is better to deal with it immediately.

When you clear your negative emotions completely, you will experience immediate relief.

Besides cleansing your toxic emotions, you can help to rid your body of toxins with 100% natural liquid herbal medicines from Les Herbes Pures.

Where You can buy Natural Herbal Products

You can contact me about these herbal cleanses which are 100% liquid herbal extracts.

Before using any products, it is necessary to see if the product is good for you especially if you are taking other medications. There are some herbal products you cannot take at the same time as medications. 

Before I verbally recommend any product, I check your physical body in the energy field, to see if a particular product is good for you. As you cleanse your negative emotions, you can also cleanse your house of negative vibrations with sage.

Besides releasing toxic emotions from your body spiritually, the internal physical cleaning is also important. There are different types of herbal cleansing products which are very necessary for your internal body. You can find out more information at the link at internal cleansing

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