Communicating To Another Spirit Guide Through My Pendulum

by Maura


I'm very new to using a pendulum, however, the amethyst pendulum I purchased a week ago has been great. Normally, my pendulum has a movement that feels "free" or "loose" for a lack of a better term. In it's "ready" position it has a slight swing to it and when it's either answering "yes" or "no" it swings in the appropiate direction freely.

However, yesterday a friend was present when I was asking my pendulum questions. At first the pendulum acted as I expected, but then my friend wanted to ask it a question. I had her ask her question in her mind. While I waited, I noticed my pendulum began to act different- it became very rigid in it's movements, almost like tugging on its chain and when it answered her question, it moved in a jerky fashion, but controlled at the same time. We both saw the change in its movement pattern.

Whenever I would ask it if I could have my spirit guide back to ask a question about me it would answer "yes" and go back to the more free movements, but when my friend either started talking or ask it a question and I confirmed the answer it would become jerky. When it seemed to be moving freely, I asked if it was one of my spirit guides and it replied "yes", when it was jerking around it said it was my friend's spirit guide.

Is this possible? I got a little freaked out later because after we were done with the pendulum, I realized I wanted to ask another question. As soon as I picked it up it was doing the controlled jerking movement. It said it was my friend's spirit guide. When I asked to have my spirit guide back, it said "no". I asked if it was playing with me and it said "yes". Just joking, I told it to stop and it said "no". I stopped using it and put it in salt overnight.

Is this just me needing more practice and not communicating appropriately? Is it possible that different spirit guides were communicating through my pendulum for myself and my friend?

Also, I didn't realize I should be protecting myself before each time I use my pendulum until now. Should I be doing something at the end of using it to protect myself, as well?


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Jan 09, 2012
Communicating To Another Spirit Guide Through My Pendulum
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Maura,

Yes, asking for protection is very important before using your pendulum, especially for beginners. I will make a note of it so its clear on my using a pendulum page.

As you are a beginner, I would not use it with others just yet nor do not let anyone else use it either. The pendulum is in tune with your vibrations not others. To clear it each time, you can go to using a pendulum and read the message for clearing. You can also ask Archangel Michael and ask for clearing and cleansing.

Do not be 'freaked out' or frightened, release those emotions as they will only attract more negativity towards yourself. for my releasing technique, go to letting go of negative emotions.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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