Communicating With God
Has Changed My Life!

Through my ability of hearing voices, I am finally communicating with God without fear.

My anger, fears, and beliefs which I learned from others, especially religious denominations kept me away from Him.

I will give you some background how I found my way back to Him. Perhaps it may help you to resolve your own issues.

communicating-with-godCommunicating with God

Why I was not Communicating with God
During My Childhood

Due to childhood abuse from my sisters and mother, I felt tremendous rejection and abandonment (my issues in this life time) from both my mother and father.

I also feared God and felt that He had abandoned me in my time of need as a child, but in reality I had abandoned Him.

Since my parents separated when I was three, and felt abandoned by my father, I transferred my feelings towards my father onto God since we refer to Him as our Father.

I was reared by a controlling mother who was extremely abusing when she was angry, especially with my father. She projected her anger onto her children. I have two other siblings.

Furthermore, she did not speak kindly of men. As a result, I took on my mother's issues, her behavior and her emotions especially anger, towards men.

As an adult I suffered from the abuse effects - I was insecure and fearful, especially around men. In my earlier years, I tended to choose abusive men.

She also, literally, dragged me to many different churches - to hear the sermons from various pastors in the Anglican, Presbyterian, and United churches with the hopes that I would somehow gain spiritual guidance from one of the them.

If anything, these various excursions into religion had a negative effect that led to many false beliefs which I carried for a long time.

It took me many years before I realized that the anger I felt was actually my mother's anger towards my father. That, plus all the anger that had I accumulated throughout my disappointing relationships with men had taken its toll in my relationship with God.

As I started my process of releasing all of the negative emotions, beliefs and patterns of behavior towards men, thankfully, communicating with God has resumed.

I am keeping a journal of all my conversations with God, my guides and loved ones. Here is one of my conversations with Him.

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 Conversation With God

He has taught me so many things, especially to follow my intuition, which I never did, and to use common sense.

On February 9th, 2007 while communicating with God, this is what He told me (God's words in italics):

Many are confused and disillusioned and have lost touch with their spiritual side of existence and what you are doing is helping others to acknowledge their spiritual side.

On February 19th, during my conversations with God about my reluctance to speak with Him,

You have had and perhaps are still having many emotional blockages dealing with me, and rightly so because of all of the trauma you have suffered because of your faith in me during your other life times.

I asked Him if I should have a page on my website about Him since others, like myself, may also be turned off towards Him and have difficulties communicating with Him due to their own suffering.

You are very right my child and that is why it is of utmost importance that you have a page on your website concerning communication with me.

As I was discussing my blockages towards Him, I asked for His help regarding other negative beliefs that we need to release in order to accept Him.

Some Negative Beliefs We Hold Towards God

Here are some of the negative beliefs others are carrying:

  • We must fear you
  • You are a punishing God
  • You are controlling God
  • You are a demanding God
  • You are an angry God

Am I getting this correct God?

Yes, now you are tuning it with what people are thinking and feeling about me.

Are there other characteristics that I have missed?

That I am a judging God.

Well I know that there are verses in the bible about you being the judge, but I guess it’s in the wrong connotation?

That is correct. Man confuses judgment with how I determine right from wrong, and that I place a judgment on those who are wrong.

In communicating with God, here are some other very important conversations, some of the links are available in the 3rd column

Here are other topics in communicating with God:

Today, the word soul mate is over-used and misleading, and twin flames are meeting more and more. God makes it very clear in

In these other conversations with God, He talks about spirituality

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