Did You Know Controlling Your Emotions Can Lead To Disease?

If you are guilty of controlling your emotions, by that I mean cutting off your feelings, this can eventually lead to disease. Rather than trying to control your emotions, it is very important to acknowledge your emotions, and then find a way to deal with them.

Read understanding emotions.

And if you are angry at someone for doing or saying something to you, rather than swallowing your anger which will lead to severe stomach problems later on, wait until you have calmed down and then speak clearly and calmly to the one who is causing your distress.

Angry Mother

 When I was a young child, my mother who had serious anger problems, used to frighten me terribly. Not only did I fear her anger, and would do anything to placate her, I swallowed my emotions

I used to shake when she became angry. The cartoon at the right, reminds me of my angry mother when I was a child.

Because I swallowed my emotions, later on in life these festering emotions caused me serious pain and illness such as panic attacks, migraine headaches, stomach and back problems.

Once you realize that you are controlling your emotions, you need to become aware of which emotions you are repressing. The next step is to release the negative emotions, but not in an aggressive manner.

Read my technique for letting go of anger and other negative emotions that you are feeling to Divine light.

If you do not release your negative emotions, they will get blocked in your body and cause pain such as arthritis, an eating disorder or even a heart attack. Each cell in your body has an emotional receptor which means that you are carrying emotions everywhere in our body.

One of the worst negative emotions is fear which can lead to panic attacks and phobias. There are other negative human emotions such as anger, resentment, loss, rejection, hate and jealousy which can cause not only behavioral problems, but also physical pain.

These emotions, which often originate in early childhood when you were unable to express them, are eventually forgotten in time. But, they are still in your sub-conscious and cellular memory and will  eventually manifest in your body.

Negative Emotions Can Lead to
Serious Physical Problems

Negative emotions are the underlying causes of many problems and illnesses such as:

  • addiction - drugs, alcohol, weight problems and eating disorders which leads to other issues such as diabetes)
  •  arthritis
  • heart problems
  • high blood pressure ( when you are holding your emotions - think what that does to your heart?)
  • cancer

These are a few of the illnesses caused by swallowing anger.

Anger is one of the worst culprits causing the most damage not only in relationships (at work, home, environment), but also physically manifesting in disease. This is why doctors are so overwhelmed with illness, but they only treat the symptoms not the root cause.

I was carrying repressed anger since my youth, which caused me many health and physical problems. Since anger is one of the most destructive and common of negative emotions, I've written many pages on it.

The ones who are having the most problems with anger are usually in denial. Sometimes it takes a crisis before you realize that you have a problem.

Right now, we are all being pushed energetically (through the spiritual vibrations, read ascension symptoms for more information) to clean 'our inner house' which is our emotional and psychological levels of being..

This is why it is so important to acknowledge those forgotten toxic emotions that you buried from your childhood.

When you heal your emotions, you heal your body.

I can help you to deal with those forgotten emotions that are causing you so much pain, very quickly, in a safe setting (your home) by telephone. Just contact me for a session at online counseling through the form at the bottom of the page.

How You Can Stop Controlling Your Emotions and
Start Living  A Healthy and Happy Life!

I know that this can be a problem for those who are not used to explaining how they feel, especially those who have been and still are trying to control their own emotions and others. It is important to work on this particular problem before your body develops chronic pain and disease.

controlling-emotionsNot Good at Controlling Emotions

If you feeling miserable at work because of a demanding and controlling boss, you need to look at why you feel stuck in that particular situation.

Perhaps you are used to being controlled by someone from your childhood, just as you are controlling your emotions now, especially if you tend to chose friends and lovers who are controlling. You can consciously release your behavior once you realize the reason.

It is important for you to start working on your behavior and issues with controlling your emotions. Look within yourself and start asking yourself certain questions such as:

  • Why am I choosing people who like to control me?
  • What is the pay off for me in this type of relationship?
  • Do I feel good when I give up my power to someone else?
  • What am I not accepting about myself?
  • What are my fears?

If you can honestly ask yourself these questions, it is a start to getting to know yourself and the reasons for your behavior.

You can start healing now by contacting me for a session at online counseling.

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