Conversation With God Concerning Man's Fighting and Violence with One Another.

by S. Phillips

Prior to this conversation I was listening to BBC world news and I was questioning why so many children of God are fighting with each other, etc..


"Today I am going to explain to you the way the world came about, the way I have given my words to people at different generational times and values. For this reason there will be some lecturing about this principle.

When my children of other beliefs and religions try to claim me as their sole word, they are only doing this because of their own egotistical reasons.

I cannot be contained in any one word, but I can be contained in all words and in all people. All people who follow my words are trying to claim myself on behalf of their own needs and goods, for this reason people will never find harmony because the leaders that rise among them will try to claim me solely for their purpose. Their leaders are the ones who are confused, for this reason their confusion is confusing the masses of people who would like to worship my being.

My son Jesus was and is a very profound soul, he came during a very difficult time to deliver the words of his heavenly father to his sisters and to his brothers. But, even during that time people were not able to listen to his words, because, there was much to be lost if they believed him. For this reason , they dwell on his being and destroyed his physical properties and being. But, destroying someone does not mean destroying their being to different levels. You cannot destroy me. My son is me, for this reason you could not and cannot destroy an indestructible being.

My children of the Muslim faith are also my children, but their views are to serve their way of being and living. Their way of being is defined by their own cultural norms that they have set up in the regions of their lives.

For this reason when people try to claim me as the sole right way of believing or being, they are not claiming me per se, but they are trying to claim me to serve their own needs.

Children, children listen to me...I am in no word, I am in no being that is trying to separate you from others. I am in each person, I am not in any one book, but all books are within me. I am the last word and I am the beginning. I don't recognize any being that is trying to separate all beings from each other.

I am the creator of this Universe, but I am not the creator of all those people who are destroying what I have created. Their way of being and their choices that they have made will also be determined at the end of their life.

The way to live according to my Universe is the way of Peace, not violence. I am responsible to all of my children who are carrying my words that I have given throughout the many centuries on earth and in Heaven. I am their creator, I am their Heavenly Father, I am their Solace, I am their Heavenly Guide."

Medium's voice - Father God their are so many people, ans so many children who are so closed off to other people that are different from them, whether its different religion or different people...

"I am the creator of all beings, I have given different messages throughout different centuries for my children, for their needs were greater or different, but this does not include separating themselves from others.

The way to worship me is to worship each other, the way to worship me is to love each other, is to respect each other. When you are living according to my laws, this is the way how you should be worshipping, not by separating or by killing or by being violent towards other beings on this earth.

I love all of my children, I am the Heavenly source, the source of their source.. Their being is dependent upon my being. I am the first and the last word they will know."

I have been hearing the wisdom of Father God since age 40 now, and it has been a blessing as his wisdom is always loving and helpful in so many ways in my life and profession, as a Social Worker.

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Oct 22, 2014
Thank you Tanya
by: shay

Thank you Tanya, thank you so much for putting this conversation content on your web site.

It means the world to me, the wisdom I am given is the most priceless gift and love I receive. The second is to be able to share it, even if only with one person.

I know many people also hear the wisdom of Father God, (however, you define God) and there are many people who cannot understand or doubt this, and I am able to respect and understand that also. But, each time these sweet messages always touches my heart while knowing/feeling that we are the children of such loving Spirit, who loves us so unconditionally. It amazes me still and one can't help but to fall in love.

With love and my gratitude to you,
S. Phillips

Oct 22, 2014
Conversation With God Concerning Man's Fighting and Violence with One Another.
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you Shay.

This is a very important message that people need to see and hear.

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