Conversation with God on Giving

by Shay
(Texas, USA)

This is one of my lessons and is a conversation I had with Father God and his wisdom, on the topic of Giving.

This conversation was/is from 2010 approaching Christmas time. I had recorded this conversation and wrote it out later, I asked a couple of questions in content, Father God's wisdom is in quotes. Being a very giving person, I love the times of year when people give more. I do hope that this serves a greater purpose, and when we can or are able to give, our giving is free and heartfelt with no expectations in return. I hope you also enjoy this.

"Today is a greater lesson, the greater lesson today is of power of giving. The Power of Giving is in the source of the Giver. The source of the Giver and his/her intentions are as follows; there are people who will give in order to be recognized, there are people who will give in order to establish self-confidence, there are people who give in order to be better people, and there are people who give who love to give. For this reason you must recognize the Giver and the Giving. The power of giving on this earth is elemental to your survival. For when we give , we also receive. When we receive, our gifts are in in many folds. When we give our Spirits are in joy, for the purpose of giving is to elevate your your own soul to levels to our mature beings here. When you give, you receive. What you receive may not be in monetary conditions but it will be in many meaningful ways. When you give to someone who is hungry, you are allowing them to subside their hunger, for it is their view and ways that are promoting you to become greater than they may be. However, they are the tools of communication because when you give to them, they say a prayer for you - they allow the heavenly beings to hear of you.

There are many levels of giving. There are many levels of receiving also. The giver takes many things for granted for this reason they can afford to give. But, the receiver also takes many things for granted for this reason they have become the receiver. When you give, you receive. When you receive you give."

What do you mean by that Father God?

"It is elemental for you to know that giving is measured by compassion of your heart. For when your compassion if very elevated, you tend to give more. You are like this. You like to give because it makes you feel good. I want to say thanks to all of my children who give needlessly of what they don't need or want. For when we give, we love the people whom we are giving to. This love comes from the purest corners of our minds and bodies. They are loving but gentle thoughts, of your heavenly Father, who has given so much to his heavenly children. When you give, you practice the same love I have.

"Giving is out of love, love is not giving though. When you give, you receive. When we say this, we are saying that when you cloth, feed and nurture a child of this world, we recognize that. We recognize in all its glory, for you are taking care of the basic needs of another human being next to you. When my children don't have what they should, they suffer, when they suffer they accumulate many remorse feelings of living on earth. When people, like yourself give to those who need it more, than their remorse of living is lessened. For this reason when you give, you receive. What you receive is more than what your eyes can see."

Father God, why are you talking to me about the Power of Giving today?

"Why is not the word. What is the word. What is being achieved by talking about the power of giving. What is being achieved is the clarity of your own mind of your own being, of your own spirit. Giving must be a part of your lives, giving is not accumulating. Giving is purely loving. When you love others, like you love yourself, you tend to give to others also. Love is of giving also, when you cannot give monetary possessions to others, you can offer them yourself. Yourself to teach them better things, your self to share the glory of God with them, your self to be the best that you can be in order to be more vibrant to the lives of others. When you give you can think of a higher purpose than yourself."

Thank you Father God.

This conversation had taken place in October of 2010, as we here in America are approaching the holiday seasons, many of us we think of the less fortunate...Although, as Americans we give heartily all year long.

This was Father God's loving message of his wisdom about giving. Truly, giving is so beautiful, isn't good it makes us feel, how it enriches our hearts and souls.

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