Could I Still Be Wrong?

by Jenny

My boyfriend and I broke up about three months ago. Feeling depressed, I found out about Spirit Guides to help guide me. So far my spirit guides have been able to answer each question I ask correctly. Down to my birth date, the spelling of my name, my gender, etc. I decided to ask questions about my ex-boyfriend:

1) Is Rodrigo Moises Ramirez the right person for me? Answer - "Yes"
2) Should I move on and find someone else? Answer - "No"

I then decided to ask questions to HIS spirit guide.
1) Does he love me? Answer - "Yes"
2) Does he not love me? Answer - "No"

I've done this multiple times and each and every time it was always consistant. I've asked his spirit guide if he'll come back and they say he will.

Just recently, I descovered that it isn't best to ask a spirit guide about future questions unless that spirit guide was well known for fortune telling. So I contacted a pychic spirit guide and asked these questions:

1) Please spell out the name of the person who is in love with me. And right away it spelled out my ex's name correctly.
I asked it several more questions, like if he still loves me, etc, will he come back, and it was always consistant with a yes. I've asked two psychic spirit guides.

Now, whenever I do pendulum readings, I always just think of the question, repeating it over and over again so I just think of that thought. I sometimes picture myself sitting on a beach while the waves roll in. Now, I've asked my spirit guide if my ex and I were soul mates. If it were picking up just my energy the whole time, it would have said yes. However, each and every time it said no. Sometimes I would swing the pendulum the opposite way and it quickly goes back to its original answer.

So in conclusion, my spirit guide, his spirit guides, psychic spirit guides, have always stayed consistant and told me that he will come back.

Could I still be wrong?

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Dec 18, 2011
I Realized
by: Jenny

Thank you.

I have realized that now. This whole time I have been worrying if I have been recieving false hope, when I should be having faith in the answers I have been recieving. The answers have been everywhere and I do feel like my spirit guides are telling me that everything will eventually be okay.

Dec 18, 2011
Could I Still Be Wrong?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Jenny,

Once you have received the correct answers, why are you continuing to repeat the same questions to other sources?

At this point, it is about having faith and belief in your intuition. Do not second guess yourself, Trust your intuition.

It is not about the answers I receive from my pendulum. This is a spiritual test for you Jenny.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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