Courage and Healing From My Guardian Angel

I have a gift of talking to the deceased and angels. I had a very hard time accepting this gift because my experiences with them has been so complex and dynamic.

I was told only witches and evil people talk to spirits, that those who were talking to me were demons in disguise,

Most of my religious peers accused me of dealing with demons.

They said, "Angels never test us or push us in any scary or challenging way, God wasn't getting rid of them because I wasn't holy or sincere enough."

I felt like Jacob wrestling with the angel, or like there was a thorn in my side. By shaming me, it only made my experiences harder and made me feel so much more alone and crazy.

The Angels would give me dreams visions and messages for others. I would be warned about things to help myself or others cope. They would lead me to money under the earth and snow when I struggled for food.

They were also constantly trying to help me heal from my shattered childhood; they wanted me to overcome the wounds I had by talking about them and bringing them to the light and constantly trying to heal me.

However, I wasn't ready or willing to accept my experiences I thought I had to be insane and cursed.

I thought maybe I was being duped, after all, my experiences with Angels was not typical of most peoples encounters. My familiar angels were generally kind, loving and caring, but my guardian angel was like a Sensei. He was very aggressive and would refuse to let me indulge in anything that deified the truth of my experiences in life and in the spirit.

Anything that was scary or I didn't want to accept in life, knowledge, or in the spiritual, he would bring up to my face and ask me to overcome it, to understand it and learn from it.

It was hard to understand him for a good part of my life, because I didn't like his method of sparking my spirit. It seemed like he was 'a-take-the-bull-by-the-horns' kinda of guy reminiscent of the God of war - Ares.

He would show so much love knowledge and compassion daily, but when he wanted to teach me something of great importance or to help me overcome fear, he would crack his metaphorical whip on me, and become very stern if I tried to ignore or push him away.

If I was afraid of something he would make sure it was made apparent to me and help me to face it head on.

Like a parent showing their child how to face the dark by taking them directly to the source.

He explained to me what fear does to a person if they give into it, and he didn't want that for me because that wasn't who I was meant to be - a fearful person.

Afterwards, I began to understand that he was trying to help me overcome my past wounds, and find my way back to who I was meant to be spiritually. He was so determined not to let me give into fear and apathy, which would lead to giving up on myself.

Finally, I have began to accept my gifts and interactions with angels especially my guardian angel. I have the courage forming inside me to brave any circumstance that seems scary, and fill it with hope love and dedication.

Now, I can fulfill my spiritual trek as it was intended. When they give me advice, I listen to what they have to say:)

I have some questions to add to this -what is everyone else's experience like with angels?
Have you had a different encounter then most? What was unique about it? if not what has yours been like? :)

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Jun 21, 2011
Meeting my Guardian angle
by: FIngers

We all have a guardian angel, or could have one, if we want. He (or she) could be a past soul mate or maybe just another soul whose time of returning to life has not yet come.

For all we know we could be part of their next lesson in life. It has been written many times over the years that the more we talk to our guardian angel the more they listen and respond to us. They even appear before you, you just have to learn to recognize them.

I can recall three distinct times that mine has physically been there to help me. I have no doubt that my guardian angel has acted in my behalf many more times than that, but either I did not see her in a human form (I say "her", for I believe mine to be feminine) or she was acting behind the scenes. And I don't think that this "person" is (or was) just a temporary person who really didn't exist, that doesn't make any sense.

I hypothesize that in my time of need she occupies the body of a willing host who can help me or affect the outcome of my dilemma. I can only surmise this based on common sense, but I do know she exists; each experience a noteworthy chapter in my journal.

May 06, 2010
Angel As A Guide?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Regarding angel as a guide:

Guardian angels are there to protect you and that is all. They are not a spiritual guide.

For this information,

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

Apr 28, 2010
Angel As A Guide?
by: Anonymous

Can Angels be your guide as well as your guardian?

The angel I experienced always revered himself as my guardian angel when I asked him who he was. He actually looks similar to the angel above :)

Apr 27, 2010
Courage and Healing From My guardian Angel
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you for sharing your spiritual experiences.

The one whom you refer to as your guardian angel is really your spiritual guide. Guardian angels are only there to protect us from harm or danger.

I can understand your experiences as I have been referred to as a herectic from the clergy. When I was a very young child, my mother would not let me speak to my guides, and frightened me from doing so. She was trying to protect me from the belief at that time which was that people who hear voices are crazy, have a mental illness and must be put in a mental insitution. It was difficult but I learned to shut it off.

I have a written a book about my experiences with hearing voices and how it was re-awakened, titled "That Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond." I still have to advertise it on my web site

My first guide, Ihona, was very much like your guide. He sounded very strong and aggressive, but his main job was to awaken my clairaudient ability that lay dormant for so many years. He always startled me by his strong voice. I would always hear from him when I was driving which often made me think that there was someone in the rear seat.

He helped me to be present and observant of my surroundings. There were times that I lost my patience with him and would often tell him to go away. But now I am very thankful for his perseverance, guidance and help along my spiritual journey.

Our spiritual path is rocky and full of many twists and turns, and our guides are there to help us understand who we are and why we are here. Each one of us has a grand purpose and the guide appears when we are ready.

Everyone has a sixth sense and is able to communicate with the spiritual realm, but for some their special ability may have been dormant for many life times. Then it takes time and perhaps a personal crisis for it to be awakened.

I have had many other guides since then. As we progress spiritually, our guides change. Each time one departs, I am saddened because they are such loving and helpful companions.

I am happy for you that you persevered and are finally listening to messages given to you.

Sending healing light and love,
tanya Tkach, Spiritual counselor

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