How We  Are Creating Karma

We are creating karma every moment of our lives. Karma is created not only by our actions, but also by our pre-meditated thoughts and motivations.

In order to be aware of the karma that you create, you need to be very conscious and aware of your thoughts, motivations and actions.

You need to be in the moment with your thoughts only concentrating on what you are doing. You can create karma with negative thoughts.

Resolving Your Karma Is About
Learning Your Life's Lessons

Karma is associated not only with past lives, but also with your current life where you create karma with your daily deeds through your families, your work, your friends and your community.

So if one is existing in a negative karmic situation such as suffering an abusive situation at work or at home with karmic soul mates, you can either remain in the situation and feel miserable or resolve it and move on.

If you remain, you are not learning your life's lessons and chances are you will have to repeat them again during another life time. On the other hand, if you resolve the situation and do what is needed for yourself by moving forward, you create another karma. Karma can be positive or negative.

In Creating Karma Be Conscious Of Your Thoughts


It is important to be conscious of what you are thinking all the time. Your thoughts create your behavior - the hologram of who you are.

If you constantly think negative thoughts, for example, about your boss or spouse who is being abusive or others who you feel have wronged you (actually this is your perception), you are creating more negative karma for yourself.

Furthermore, remaining in an abusive situation creates more abusive issues for yourself. If you had abusive issues during childhood, read emotional child abuse, it is important to make amends with the offender and to forgive yourself for carrying the emotions and your abuser and then release all the negative emotions, otherwise, you are forever linked to that person all the time creating more negative thoughts within.

If you do not forgive and move on, you are carrying abusive vibrations in your aura which then attracts more abusive persons and situations.

In creating karma, it is not only important to be aware of our thoughts and motivations, but also your behavioral patterns that have been established during childhood and which create karma unconsciously.

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