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This definition of addiction can also apply to the definition of drug addiction or any other type of addiction according to Wikipedia:  ...

Addiction has been defined as physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances (for example alcohol, tobacco, heroin and other drugs) which cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, temporarily altering the chemical milieu of the brain.

Addiction can also be viewed as a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it.

Pleasure and enjoyment would have originally been sought; however, over a period of time involvement with the substance or activity is needed to feel normal.

In other words, addiction is simply defined as the compulsive need of an individual to engage in a certain activity such as  overeating, and compulsive over-exercise.

It also includes use of a substance such as alcohol, drugs, nicotine, coffee or sugar.

But today the term addiction relates to many activities according to psychological professionals and laymen. It now includes abnormal psychological dependency on such things as:

  • gambling,
  • food,
  • sex,
  • pornography,
  • computers,
  • internet,
  • work,
  • exercise,
  • idolizing,
  • relationships,
  • watching TV or certain types of non-pornographic videos,
  • spiritual obsession,
  • self-injury and
  • shopping

and many more. Our society with all the economic, health and global catastrophes and problems is breeding more addictions daily.

 American's Society's Definition of Addiction

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines Addiction as a primary, chronic disease in the areas of:

  • brain reward,
  • motivation,
  • memory and related circuitry.

Dysfunction in these areas leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in how the individual pursues rewards and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.

Problems Of All Addicts

Any addict who has an addiction will have problems with:

  • behavioral control,
  • cravings,
  • an inability to consistently abstain, and
  • and he or she cannot perceive significant problems with his/her behaviors and interpersonal relationships.

For the addict, it's all about running away from problems and seeking pleasure in any activity that he or she is drawn towards.

Like any other chronic disease, addiction can involve cycles of relapse and remission.

NOTE: Sad but true fact, is that without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, such as a drug addiction rehab center, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or even premature death.

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