Depression Herbs are Made
From Herbal Extracts

These depression herbs are in liquid form which makes them more easily digested and absorbed into your body. They can be taken under the tongue or mixed with fruit juice or hot water.

When you ingest the herbal liquid it is carried through your tongue or stomach walls directly into your blood stream bypassing your digestive tract.

In certain cases you can also apply the herbal liquid externally on your skin which are rapidly absorbed into your blood stream in seconds. 

You can apply them:

  • on the soles of your feet,
  • palms of your hands,
  • inside your thighs,
  • your temples,
  • your spine and back of your neck, and
  • anywhere else you can feel the pulse of your heart.

Here Are Several Depression Herbs

Pure Herbs

As part of your depression treatment plan, I recommend taking  100% natural herbal medicine. Here are a series of 8 single and herbal combinations.

 1. Arnica - which removes physical shock from the nervous system. It is also used on bumps, bruises, burns, sprains, injuries, operations, genital inflammations, reduces cholesterol, reduces swellings of boils.

For emotional and physical shocks, upsets, anxiety or when frightened, use 5 to 10 drops on pulse points such as each wrist and temple and back of the neck.

 2. D.A.N.-C - this is an excellent combination which can be used for depression and anxiety. Read more information on D.A.N.C. 

 3. Dulse is normally used to reduce swelling of the thyroid gland, but it also helps those who are feeling fearful.

 4. Golden Bough (Mistletoe) is especially for your nerves, to lower chronic high blood pressure due to nervous tension, anxiety, paralysis, and weak pulse.

 5. Rue calms anxiety and irrational states brought on by daily strife and worry.

 6. Sutherlandia Combination contains Sutherlandia, Virginia Snake Root, Casgara Sagrada, Bee Pollen. This combination heps many problems in the body especially viruses, but it is also good for helping anxiety and depression.

 7. Universal Homeopathic contains Support group (known as Rescue Remedy developed by Dr.E.Bach) which is Willow, Holly, Crab Apple and Honeysuckle. This remedy corrects tension, emotional disorders following shock, panic mental stress, and tension, desperation, inattention and unconsciousness, stupefaction and terror.

 8. Blue Vervain also known as Wild Hyssop, Indian Hyssop and Simplier's Joy. This depression herb is an natural tranquilizer which helps a person attain a calmer disposition. It also clears skin rashes due to nerves.

In conclusion, taking an  herbal remedy can be part of treating depression naturally. Other natural remedies for depression include:

  • cleansing your body from toxic foods
  • balancing your hormones
  • daily exercise program

I recommend one of the five herbs or one of the three herbal combinations. But, it is important to be tested to find out which herb or combination is good for your system.

If you are taking other medications, some herbs may not be good for you to take. These herbs are very strong and effective, that is why you need to speak to me.

If you would like to order or need more information on any of these herbs, contact me. I will also tell you which combination is more beneficial for your physical needs.

Teenage Depression

Signs of Teenage Depression

If you have a teenager whose habits and behavior has changed, here are some signs of teenage depression:

  • sleeping excessively
  • changing eating habits, could be overeating or lost interest in food
  • exhibiting irresponsible behavior such as skipping classes, late for appointments, forgetting their obligations
  • rebellious behavior such as shop lifting
  • drop in grades
  • drinking alcohol and taking drugs

If these signs are evident, it's time to try and help your teenager. It could be problems at school with their grades or with their peers. If you cannot talk with your teen, then it's time to get professional help before the problems escalate.!

For more help go to Teen Depression.

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Note: Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs provided on this site is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. Every attempt has been made for accuracy, but none is guaranteed. Many traditional uses and properties of herbs have not been validated by the FDA. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner before self-administering herbs.

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