When You Discover Past Lives, Unexplained Illnesses, Pain and Relationships will Heal

Discover Past LivesDiscover Past Lives

As a spiritual counselor, I help you to to discover past lives that relate to you during a session. Especially if it concerns an unexplained chronic illness or pain, a behavior disorder or repetitive toxic issue in your life.

The most common term for someone who does this type of therapy is past life regression therapist. I am a spiritual counselor who is able to communicate and understand messages from the spiritual realm without using hypnosis on the client.

What Happens During a Session

I receive this information during a counseling session on the telephone (not available through e-counseling) through the spiritual realm. Many of our recurring illnesses, pains and relationship issues have roots from past lives.

Until the blockage in your body or personal life becomes integrated, the same situation, pain or illness will keep occurring.

During our conversation, the past life situation will appear to me, often with images and or words. It is usually a  trauma which affected you causing the emotional blockage within you.

Once I get the picture, I relate it to you, and once you understand the situation, you are able to release the negative emotions that are affecting you now.

This situation is triggered usually by someone, or an event occurring today which relates to a past life time.

The emotional blockage is usually registered in a particular part of your body, causing you chronic pain or illness.

It could also result in certain behaviors of which you have no control over that keep recurring in daily situations.

Everything that you have done during this life and other life times is registered within your cellular memory that I see at the time.

You have karma with particular members of your family and intimate partner, and that is why you chose to be with them during this life time in order to resolve the unfinished business.

You can read what is karma. Once you understand the situations causing beliefs and trauma from past lives, you can release the emotions (told by me) causing your emotional or physical blockages, the process of healing begins. I use my releasing technique, to help you release stuck emotions. 

Once You Discover Past Lives, Healing Begins, And Your Relationships Change 

Releasing blocked emotions will help you in your relationships, especially with family members and your intimate partner. Usually the cause for constant bickering and fighting among couples and family members goes deeper than events that occurred during this life time. Once you find the root cause, your relationships change.

Traumatic events from a past life are very important since they caused you to block your emotions. You do not have to relive the event, but it is important to understand the cause of your blocked emotions.

Most often, you will discover past lives with your family members, friends and intimate partners.

You can find out how I channel past lives at past life channeling.

It is important that you resolve issues with particular members of your family,  intimate partner, boss or co-worker, otherwise the issues will keep re-occurring 

You can find out more about karma at meaning of karma.

During a past life therapy session with me, where you discover past lives with family members, it helps you to understand your relationships with them during this life time.

It is not possible for you to consciously remember events from your past lives. But you may have feelings that you have known a particular person before.

Discover how your past lives are revealed in remembering past lives. Emotional triggers are caused when you have negative encounters with:

  • members of your family,
  • friends,
  • spouse, or
  • your boss.

You will know when you have an emotionally loaded trigger when your emotions cause you pain, or you feel as if you will explode over a small disagreement.

You can read more information about emotional triggers at anger triggers.

Most often, you cannot find the cause of the emotional triggers which are often related to your past lives. In order to discover the reason, you will need the help of a spiritual counselor or spiritual medium such as myself.

My sessions are reasonably priced. You can reach me for a session at online spiritual counseling or you can pay for a session now at PayPal.

And if you need a few sessions, I give a discount for 4 and more sessions.

How I Discover Past Lives through Regressions

Past Life Time

Since my partner and sister died in 2002 and 2003 within 3 months of each other, I have done many past life regressions. In my case, they were preceded by pain localized in certain areas of my body such as sinus congestion, stomach and back problems.

Until I was unable to deal with the pain and negative emotions that often flooded my body, I had another psychic and my spiritual guides help me with the regression. It is difficult to be subjective with one's self.

I am able to help you discover your past life or lives because of my own work where I've gone through hundreds of lives (I am an old soul)

I do not use hypnosis. You are conscious as I relate an experience that I see and feel which is often triggering emotions, pain or discomfort in your physical body.

Triggers Cause Past Life Regression

As I mentioned, one of your past lives is only revealed when you are ready. Often times, it is revealed through your emotions which are triggered by a particular person.

You can find out how your emotions are triggered in anger triggers which are usually occurring during an on-going intimate relationship.

Dr. Weiss helps you to regress through his meditations CD's.

Emotional triggers are caused by karmic soul mates which are being balanced during this life time.

It is also necessary to practice meditation in order to attain spiritual consciousness which aids in the healing of your issues in this life time.

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