Disturbances in My Mind for 8 Years

by Freddy

I have been hearing voices in my head for 8 yrs now. It happen after a quarrel with my sister's then boyfriend who said something like I didn't have a life.

It started to affect me, and what he said replayed in my mind over and over again. It affected my life and work badly and I became withdrawn.

Three years later, the voices were gone and replaced by another set of voices which started when a colleague commented on my single status, that I had nothing to do when I go home and that I should be working overtime. It affected me badly, even though I have a girlfriend today.

My colleague had joined another plant and subsequently resigned, but the voices are still there. Sometimes I hear other voices too.

Some sarcastic colleagues also made some remarks about me and the voices also replay over in my mind.

It does not help since I have a very carefree job as I am working shifts, and have a lot of free time outside work. I do not have any hobbies.

I wonder if this (the voices?) will ever stop or I will face this all my life.

Will getting married solve my problem? Will leaving my job solve my problem? I am not too sure. I am really looking for help.

I may look good outside, but inside me I am a guy with plenty of mental issues behind me. How can I get help?

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Aug 17, 2013
Keeping Busy
by: Anonymous

Hearing voices in your head for 8 years is a long time, if they are bothering you or telling you to do things and you cannot handle them you can seek psychiatric help. I say this only because you know your body better than anyone else and you are your best advocate as well as source of love.

But, the voices...being that you are hearing critical messages about you may just be due to your own feelings about your own self. Also, start doing some meditation (I do guided meditation as my mind is so busy. I need a gentle person's guided words to hear) that can also be a source of Peace for your mind, body and spirit.

You said you have a lot of free time, I encourage you to be more sociable...get to know people, find kind and loving people to do things with...because through other people we are also able to get a sense of our own self, and to learn kind and loving things in mind, body and spirit.

Tanya's message is also so beautiful, she is a very kind / gentle spirit.


Aug 16, 2013
Disturbances in My Mind for 8 Years
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Freddy,

I'll tell you what I'm feeling.

You have the ability of hearing voices, which more and more people are discovering. It is not a bad thing to have. You need to learn how to cope with it and use if for the good - for yourself and others.

You also have self esteem issues. You can try and work on these issues yourself, which is difficult or you can look for a counselor in your area to help you deal with these issues.

The voices that keep repeating the same negative messages concerning yourself are similar to your thoughts. Negative thoughts bring in negative vibrations. You need to learn to delete all negative thoughts as they come into your mind.

In order to learn how to have more control over your mind, I suggest that you start meditating daily. Read my pages on meditating starting with
learning to meditate.

You will need help with this, so I suggest you to call in your spiritual guide to help you. We all have spiritual guides, I have one that I speak to almost daily. But, before you start communicating in the spiritual realm, you need to have protection and to be grounded.

Call in Archangel Michael and ask him for protection and to help you cleanse all the negative thoughts and negative voices from your mind. Also read my page on protection.

Once you follow my suggestions, let me know how you are doing. You can also contact me on my contact page.

Sending you healing vibrations,

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