Do Dogs Have Emotions?

When anyone asks me, "Do dogs have emotions"? My usual reply is, "Of course they do."

do-dogs-have-emotionsAnimal Emotion

Dogs have been a part of my life since I was a young child and I can’t imagine living without them. At the time of writing this page I had three dogs.

I have seen my dogs in all kinds of situations displaying many types of emotions such as anger, jealousy, guilt, joy, fear, and sadness. They can also be possessive and protective, playful, and curious.

By Observing Your Animals,
You Will Discover More About Yourself

Do dogs have emotions? Yes, and since I communicate with my animals, I know how they are feeling. Go to animal communications and learn more about this. I’ve had some very serious discussions concerning Beau  (a rescue dog who walked into my life) explaining who he is and why he is here now. I’ve also told them that they needed to learn to accept him since he is here to stay.

Marlo is the one I always put in charge and she’s been busy teaching him the rules in the house. But, there have been some stand-offs regarding the toys which at this point Beau has taken over. Once in awhile, Marlo will show her senior position by keeping one of the toys beside her. Toys always cause the biggest commotion.

Do dogs have emotions?

It is important to realize that, yes, they do. They know exactly how their master/mistress is feeling through the vibrations and energy and will often take on your feelings. I have seen where a pet will take on a sickness and even die in some cases, to protect the master.

We can learn many things from our pets, especially unconditional love from our dogs. No matter what you do to them, or how you are feeling, they always love you. Besides learning unconditional love from our dogs, they also teach us acceptance and how to live in the moment.

Get into the habit of observing your dog(s), and your question, do dogs have emotions, will be answered.

You can learn so many things from your dog's behavior, most importantly, about yourself.

Watch how these dogs are truly having a wonderful time snow sliding

Do Dogs Have Emotions?
My Dogs Mourned My Partner's Death

After my partner Wally died in 2003, my dogs (Marlo and Bandit) were in mourning just as I was. There was a quiet stillness in the house for quite some time. I was especially worried about Bandit since she was extremely attached to Wally and stopped eating since he was no longer at home. She slept in his bed waiting for him, with such sadness in her eyes. At the time, I thought she would follow him, but she eventually came around and adopted me.

Animal Nutrition Is Extremely Important

If you love your animals, make sure you feed them nutritional food. Check out the labels on the dry food and cans that you are giving them. For example, if it says on the packaging poultry meal or poultry by-products, you can be sure it is the refuse of the animal such as bones, head, feet, intestines etc., things that normally one would throw out.

Read what Per Schonbeck, a veterinarian from Denmark, has to say about dog food at 10 dog food ingredients to avoid.

I never feed my dogs dog food from a can, and I give them the best dry food I can find after reading the contents. Every day, I feed them beef, or chicken, or liver mixed with vegetables, rice, and fruit such as apples which they love.

Besides healthy food, I give them supplements such Calcium, and Omego 3, I also attribute their good health to natural herbal remedies from Pure Herbs Ltd. Go to herbs for pets to see what I now give my dogs for supplements.

I highly recommend 100% natural liquid herbs for all sorts of problems and sicknesses. I use them regularly and am now working as a distributor.

I use various herbs for pets depending on the problem such as:

  • Black Walnut eliminates worms and parasites
  • C.C.E.-W corrects skin problems and allergies
  • All Cell Salts corrects respiratory affections
  • I.M.S-W strengthens the immune system
  • C.A-W promotes strong bones development
  • Formula 11 strengthens ligaments and tendons and muscles
  • Una de Gato corrects arthritis and rheumatic problems
  • B.-W eliminates stress
  • D.-W promotes digestion and elimination
  • E.-W improves vision acuteness
  • H.N.S.-W gives lustrous and silky hair and coat
  • Formula Max gives energy, stamina and vitality
  • Arthrex eliminates inflammation

Since I have been using herbs for my pets, I have not had to visit the veterinarian for the past 12 years. You can order any of the formulas from me by contacting me.

Their health is just as important as ours!

At one time when Marlo developed a cyst on her back, I gave her CST-M (good for humans too) combined of:

  • Celandine
  • Milk Thistle
  • Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Tumeric,
  • Barberry
  • Sanicle

The cyst decreased in size because the herbs in this formula help to rid the body of catabolic waste tissue and promotes lymphatic drainage from those areas where catabolic wastes have collected.

CST-M is also worked favorably for biliary stones/gravel, hepatic and problems of the spleen. It is also works on hemorrhoids and gastro-intestinal disorders due to capillary swelling of abdominal organs. To find out more about herbs read, herbs for pets.

Here is an interesting article concerning research on how animals feel about their owners.

Here's How Your Dog Really Feels About You, According To Science


In 2013 my main dog Marlo died.  She lived 17years. It was a very tough year and Beau mourned her death just as I did. He became closer to me and never left my side during the mourning period.

She is always in my heart as is Bandit and I think of her whenever I have a quiet moment sitting by my wood stove, or am outside enjoying the warmth of the sun, and I know when she or Bandit visits on occasion just checking on things.

Beau, too is aware of it - he is extremely aware of spirits. When he is frightened of a particular spirit, lately its from the star intelligence, he jumps on me or sits under my legs wherever I'm sitting.

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